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Jiangsu guy Qiantang River saved the drowning victims daughter was posthumously awarded the courageous warrior courageous warrior Dianxun certificate exchange on November 14th afternoon, Hangzhou City Samaritan foundation in Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Security Bureau (water) Qianjiang water police station held a commendation ceremony posthumously, regardless of who jumped into the Fen Qiantang River heroically rescue crew Liu Weifeng Jiangsu Yancheng Hangzhou courageous warrior "honorary title. Hangzhou City Samaritan Foundation Chairman Lou Yanan awarded honorary certificates and 300 thousand yuan bonus to father Liu Weifeng warriors. Liu Weifeng, male, born in November 8, 1974, who lives in the town of Jiangsu County of Sheyang Siming Weixin village five group No. 67, Zhejiang Shaoxing Shengzhou city harbor shipping Co. Ltd. Zhejiang Shengzhou No. 0222 cargo ship driver. The evening of October 31, 2016, Liu Weifeng’s Zhejiang Shengzhou cargo boat No. 0222 and the other 6 ships Zhejiang Shangyu cargo ships at anchor, side by side with the Qiantang River. After dinner, 19 PM, Shangyu Zhejiang goods 0511 crew Li Yan (female) holding a 3 year old daughter, between the two ship slides two people accidentally fell into the river. Then in the Zhejiang Shangyu cargo ship 0639 by Liu Weifeng heard the sound of falling water, the crew immediately and Wang Dong rushed out of the cabin to the stern observation, when someone is drowning, Liu Weifeng did not hesitate to take my clothes off and jumped into the icy water, and swam to the drowning side, because of the river rapids, not with water near the vessel. Hear the other crew members for help to be rescued drowning her daughter Li Yan, merciless River have engulfed Liu Weifeng. Comrade Liu Weifeng in a crisis people drowning, regardless of personal danger jumped into the cold water to save people, heroic sacrifice. With his own practical action, highlighting the courageous spirit. According to the relevant provisions of the "Hangzhou City Samaritan foundation constitution", by the Hangzhou City Samaritan foundation decided: Comrade Liu Weifeng was posthumously awarded Hangzhou courageous warrior "honorary title, and reward of RMB thirty million yuan. At the ceremony, Liu Weifeng home Sheyang County Siming town Party Secretary Su Guangjun by the Sheyang County Commission came to Hangzhou to visit condolences to the Liu Weifeng family, Su Guangjun told reporters, after they return home in the town of Liu Weifeng will vigorously promote the courageous heroes of the feat, take good care of his family, the children of the cost of living and learning all the backing into low relief for parents. The intersection of reporter Zhang Xuan correspondent Zhang Xuefa extended video: has nothing to do with the original wild man playing a woman, for migrant workers相关的主题文章: