Late night Chengmai feel a different kind of fun kamikaze love

Late night Chengmai feel a different kind of fun Chengmai County Yingbin Bay bridge. Reporter correspondent Li Xinghuang Wang specially taken the night life in Hainan, from the small details of a small island of ordinary life: the Gulf garden breeze touching comfortable, snack stalls to meet a variety of delicacy, unique culture and customs of infection. Chengmai is a pearl in the north of Hainan Island. When the night began to fall, with no luxury city less skimming over the surface, the roar of the crowd in the streams of people busily coming and going, town night is very quiet, into her arms, together with the night light, let people forget the day of trouble, feel a different kind of wonderful. Canruo Jinshan Temple Yang Longevity Culture in Chengmai County, Jin Jiang, a sunny Xiang pagoda stands out. In recent years, with the Jinshan Temple Tower, Wan Long pharmacist Buddha Medallion relic worship have been completed, Chengmai Jinshan Temple and Sanya Nanshan Temple South and North, Chengmai become the world through Shou Xiang brand, build health industry, thick and heavy in colours rehabilitation and sports development characteristics of leisure tourism activity in a pen. Chengmai County in the town planning, the county town of Jin Jiang Park Road northeast side of the 420 acres of land to build a Jinshan Cultural Park, the park has long Wan pharmacists tower. At present a project area of about 94 acres of planning area temple built Jinshan Temple and Edmond longevity pagoda pharmacist square. Jinshan Temple Buddha pharmacists longevity tower 89.97 meters high, magnificent, Hainan is currently the highest pagoda. Chengmai County, the relevant person in charge of the planning and design of the Jinshan Temple Cultural Park will be religious tourism and self-cultivation, memorial education and leisure activities combine to solve the Chengmai public demand for recreational sightseeing places, but also boost the development of Chengmai tourism industry. Stroll around the beautiful countryside walk in the land of idyllic beauty away from the city noise, the coffee fragrance style town, is also a good choice. The Fushan coffee culture themed cafes style town, has become a hot spot of tourism in Western Hainan. The world famous coffee and coffee culture as the birthplace of coffee culture tourism planning elements in Fushan Town, to let visitors experience a one-stop Fushan world-class coffee delicacy and folk customs. Ferris Fushan coffee culture experience leisurely charm, you can also walk to the town behind the beautiful countryside – Xiangyang village. Xiangyang Village, Chengmai county is a beautiful country with the construction of the first fruit of. Chengmai county government has invested about 6000000 yuan renovation and landscaping, so that only 68 of residents in the Xiangyang Village, became a reservoir in Fushan town after the land of idyllic beauty coffee. Not only can taste the coffee, but also to experience the fun of farmers, a sense of belonging to the family." Tourist Wang Xiao said. In recent years, Chengmai focus on building the bridge "," Yong Mei belt "and" luomei with "three beautiful countryside, the beautiful countryside tour attracts more and more tourists around. At present, in addition to Fushan Fushan town coffee culture town has become a mature area, covers an area of more than and 180 acres of "Hou Chen beautiful village project" is also like a raging fire in the construction, is expected to drive the beautiful countryside of Northern Hainan tourism new hot spot. Seaside deep breath of all kinds of delicious food in the northern part of the old town of Chengmai相关的主题文章: