Little aunt basket daily NBA recommended the sun dazzling home

Small aunt basket color NBA daily recommended: Sun dazzling NBA home court the start of the new season, small aunt continued last season, will push the 1 main field to you every day, regardless of the odds, fundamentals or injuries and so on, small aunt will have very detailed information, hope can be a good help to you! Denver VS solar outcome: the Sun Sheng small aunt play recommended the luckiest team to the sun, this season I have been recommended 4 times, as if all accurate, today happens again, just use this opportunity to push together. Of course, I am not a subjective sense of the sun, the data is also bound to support the small aunt so recommended, the following detailed and you talk about Kazakhstan, I hope you can have some reference and help. Denver this season with 6 wins and 10 losses, 8 away games lost 5 games, but they have 5 win, really good ah, this also is the main reason why the outcome of small aunt recommended play, a lot of games on the difference between the 1–2 points, so the field will not chase play it to win. The Nuggets won only the Celtics, away the wolves and the pelican 3 teams, the strength and the relative performance of untrustworthy kazakhstan. But they are worth paying attention to the form of the big points, these 16 games played in the big 11 points. The Nuggets staff relatively neat Ha, but they are not what big players, although Mudie did better than last year, but this team ups and downs in Ed is really no fighting force is the biggest problem, others are relatively normal. Chandler, Nelson and Nur Kikki are in the starting is awesome. The second is the bench Murray properly ineffective, so is Nicola Yogi Chi. They lost the game thunder 3 points, really a pity. But it’s not easy to win 1 victories away. The sun is currently the biggest problem is the knight, this morning also said that in the trade deadline will bid farewell to him, but no matter where to go, the NBA people are also for their own occupation, social status, I believe there will be no problem what. The sun is the biggest harvest of the season Brad cable strong comeback, plus the brave little aunt Booker the bright younger generation, the driver always believe them. In fact, in addition to the main Knight 3, the bench is the sun really worthy of attention, Tucker, Barbosa, Chandler, Euless and Dudley are very aggressive. Although the sun is second in the west, only 5 wins and 12 losses, but this season they win 10 bets, and in particular a law. Never lose 2 consecutive bets, 13 points behind the wolves home court yesterday, tomorrow will lose 2 consecutive disc. The second is their home court has always been good this season, 6 game winning 3 handicap, which is relied on the small aunt. This season they have a 6 rally after a strong rebound in the hope that tomorrow is the case, the aunt is very confident. The 2 team in the historical record can refer to Kazakhstan, the sun has 3 consecutive losses to the Nuggets this season, played 1 times, the sun away lost 16 points, but from the 10 time of the whole battle can be seen, the sun has always been home court is not afraid of the Nuggets, 6 win and win. In fact, the 2 season, the team is not so much change in the lineup, but also 2相关的主题文章: