Liu Xiangjing blood has held a press conference did not forget the early heart encourage Sohu Entert isobuster

Liu Xiangjing "blood" has held a press conference did not forget the early heart – Liu Xiangjing in the entertainment Sohu encourage "blood" blood "dog dog" conference conference Liu Xiangjing Sohu entertainment news yesterday afternoon, the strength of the big screen actor Liu Xiangjing’s new film "blood dog" as the third session of the Silk Road International Film Festival held a press conference in Xi’an works. Liu Xiangjing with the team together to communicate with the media and the audience, and the exposure of the latest movie posters and trailers, wonderful degree remarkable. To show good temper line Xi’an Xiang Jing Liu "blood dog" is western entertainment group produced a documentary about human and animal life and death between the moving story of the film, is considered for the return of the western film. Liu Xiangjing was born in Xi’an, lived in Xi’an’s youth more than ten years, outstanding works and his big screen debut "white horse" is the western film group produced. The press conference, Liu Xiangjing also expressed highly and Xiying indissoluble bound for, and believe this part of the sincerity of will deliver the goods. "Dog" nature extremely hard and bitter blood in the "blood" dog news conference in nature, directed by Liu Jianhua and starring Liu Xiangjing, Zhao Tingting respectively and the media and the audience of the exchange, the other work could not attend starring Huang Hong also sent a video greeting. Surprisingly consistent, creative were all on hard conditions when shooting that will be unforgettable. The film will not only shoot in ten degrees of Xinjiang, there are a lot of snow to all through the night and overtime take. Xinjiang mountain snow up to the thigh no man, so Liu Xiangjing was the same group of actress Zhao Tingting joked: "because there are big legs to Beijing brother, so in the snow for everyone to open people." After listening to this argument, Liu Xiangjing can not help but laugh, but it reflects the gentleman. In addition, for the making of the film, the crew raised wolf dog for six years, the crew went to Xinjiang to play dozens of times, six years of planning, the writers also modified thirty. Even the "blood" has the title, but also several changes, just a few days ago determined, only with the connotations of the film to the greatest extent. In the Silk Road Film Festival review of the film, the film was almost out of pride. Look at the closing ceremony held in September 23rd, "blood" crew will shepherd award in the bag.   相关的主题文章: