Luonan more than 3000 substitute teacher did not pay social security pensions no collar (video) ekdv-273

Luonan more than 3000 substitute teacher did not pay social security pensions have brought in September 9, 2016, Shaanxi in Shangluo, there is such a group of "substitute teacher" Luonan County, school was employed for education is not high, no teacher qualification certificate, rural residence and other reasons, not in formal teacher preparation, the school did not give them to pay the full insurance. Unable to receive a pension problem facing retirement. In September 10th, the Chinese teachers are ushered in belong to their teacher’s day, but in Luonan County, there are a number of supernumerary "substitute teacher" in Teachers’ post bend the brows, because when the school did not give them a full insurance, these teachers are faced with no pension after retirement. The school’s "star teacher" after retirement, no retirement pension at the age of 55, Zhang Xiaqin this summer, leaving the Malian Beach Village ancient town to work 29 years in Luonan County kindergarten. Zhang Xiaqin is a Malian Beach village, 1987, graduated from junior high school she returned to Haruki, because at that time the village primary school teachers lack, after school and multi-party consultation, she was hired as school teacher agent. In 1994, received a notice at the time of Luonan County Education Bureau, Zhang Xiaqin to Shimen (town) occupation senior middle school three years after graduation, she also got issued by the County Bureau of Education Kindergarten certificate, jobs from the village to the village primary school to change the kindergarten children as a teacher. Zhang Xiaqin in the new position to do a good job, won the education offices and other awards nearly 30, however, did not give her for a teacher in the name. In September 9th, Luonan County, Zhang Xiaqin explained his situation to the China Daily reporter: 2015 is a year full of 55 year old Zhang Xiaqin retired to the familiar teacher know after retirement, but the answer surprised her — no pension (i.e. pension). The reason is simple, because it is not formally in the teacher. Zhang Xiaqin began looking for Luonan County Department of education, ask just know, really no pension, go to the county people club Bureau of social security departments understand, the same argument. "Really, this time I was panic, I always thought that even if he is not a formal teacher, but at least retired will be a little protection." Zhang Xiaqin sighed, she became a teacher in 1987, started a monthly salary of only a few dollars, then slowly rose to hundreds of yuan, 1000 yuan until this year, they are no regrets, can teach the rest of my life in the village, came to work close to house, and bear children, three retirement a secure, now…… More than one person Zhang Xiaqin unfunded pension problem, 10 teachers similar to her situation alliance in 2015, we started to provincial and County Department of education, the county government asked the pension problem. Zhang Xiaqin offered a league teacher list, the reporter found that these teachers have a common point: are rural household, diploma is not high, no teacher certificate, are received in 1994 to study, have time County Education Department issued a certificate, wages, working years are similar. The 59 year old Yang Lanying was one of her last year, from the Xiakou primary school (kindergarten) leave. Yang Lanying said, her school time than Zhang Xiaqin’s early Yuan相关的主题文章: