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Malaysian Prime Minister Naguib 31 visit: China is a true friend of Malaysia, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Naguib. Original title: Xinhua News Network Interview: China is Malaysia’s true friend and strategic partner — an interview with Malaysia Prime Minister Naguib, reported on October 30th, Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib said in a written interview with Xinhua official visit to China before, Chinese is Malaysia’s true friend and strategic partner, he is committed to promote Malaysia relations the new height. At the invitation of Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council, Mr. Naguib will pay an official visit to China from October 31st to November 6th. Naguib said, in March 2015, President Xi Jinping says he met with the Boao forum for Asia, bilateral relations are in the best period in history; in November 2015, Premier Li Keqiang said during his visit to Malaysia, Malaysia are good neighbors, good partners and good friends. He is in favor of President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s position on bilateral relations, in his view, the relationship between the two countries has entered a special stage". Naguib said that relations between the two countries since 2013 to enhance the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries in the fields of education, trade, investment, tourism, defense and security cooperation has achieved great development, open is a good example of two reflects the relations between Malaysia and strong at the Xiamen University in Malaysia". Naguib said that in 2015 the first joint military exercises between the two countries, the two countries in the field of military cooperation to achieve a new height". In order to maintain regional peace and stability, the two countries will continue to carry out law enforcement and defense security cooperation, and promote the relevant departments to carry out friendly visits and dialogue and consultation in the field of defense security. Malaysia will continue to strengthen cooperation with China in joint exercises and personnel training. Since 2009 Naguib’s visit is the third visit to China as Prime Minister of Malaysia. Naguib said that 42 years ago, his father, Malaysia Prime Minister Razak to establish formal diplomatic relations between China and malaysia. As the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, as was the son he will continue to push forward the development of friendly relations between malaysia. The establishment of Naguib spoke highly of the "The Belt and Road" initiative and the Asia infrastructure investment bank, said that Malaysia and other countries will benefit from this area. He said, Malaysia also puts forward goals for future national transition, "I firmly believe that our objectives and the" The Belt and Road "will have a good synergistic effect, which will help us to complement each other to achieve common goals." For president Xi Jinping proposed the fate of the community, Naguib believes that this shows that China is committed to creating a peaceful regional environment, which is essential for sustainable development and stability in the region. About this look, Naguib said, the two countries in the economic and trade exchanges, build closer relationship between the private sector and the development of infrastructure projects still have great opportunities for cooperation. The two countries will sign a series of new agreements and agreements covering areas such as economy, defense, education and innovation. "I hope this visit will further enhance our relations. I firmly believe that the establishment of mutual trust, sincerity and mutual respect based on the relationship between Malaysia and China, not only for the people of the two countries, but also for regional stability and harmony benefits."相关的主题文章: