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Artists In addition to his multi-talents, Carlos Roberto Allen has given it a try to run for Mayor of Washington DC. With only 20 years of being a resident of that District he saw some leadership failures which prompted him to run for the position. His passion of being an entrepreneur also reflects his passion of helping others. His analysis of Washington DC leadership gave him a full strength to run for the Mayor position in order to make necessary changes and satisfy the community. The allegations of an attempt to crash the White House dinner party held by President Barack Obama never put him back in a bid to challenge Vincent Gray over the position of Mayor in Washington DC. It seems like many people were in his favor hence they have posted some congratulatory messages on his social networking site for the bid to be a Mayor. That is where this name Mayor came from. Along the way he made too many friends who eventually named him Mayor while his real name is Carlos. His leadership abilities as shown in his enterprises made him believe he can the District and therefore satisfy the communitys needs. He is an energetic Mayoral candidate whom his main objective is to help others as reflected in his entrepreneurial role. He is a powerful leader who endeavors to work to help others thrive in their lives. It is this endeavor which made him express his interests in being a Mayor. He campaigned for the position all over the District, putting his posts on the street emphasizing the need to create more jobs for the Washington DCs residents and furthermore minimize crime in the area. He actually wanted to transform the whole leadership trend into the style he believes will work mutually for the entire District. However, because many were still associating him with the Dinner fiasco which struck White House the previous year, he was seen as a person who lacks integrity and a person who is desperate of social life. For those reason his dreams were not fully accomplished and he later climbed a ladder of being a musician. His name was officially on the ballot papers which were printed in November prior to the election. He ran for the Mayor of that district as an independent active candidate. On his posts he had written first in Afro-Latino history which he hoped it will distinguish him from other candidates. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: