Meizhou man with a knife rushed into the bank to ask the clerk out of 100 yuan meyou

Meizhou, a man with a knife rushed into the bank to ask the salesperson to take out 100 yuan [this article by the Jiaoling public security, WeChat public number September 20th release, copy Jiaoling public security can be concerned about WeChat search. ] September 19, 2016 17 7 minutes, my bureau received 110 Jiaoling County postal savings bank Jiao Yang Road postal staff report said: the all said a man armed with a knife robbery. After receiving the report, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade command prompt patrol, and police station rushed to the scene disposal, police rushed to the scene, the man had left. After preliminary investigation, about 17 pm the same day, a more than and 40 year old foreign accent speaking man with a knife in the lobby (suspected knife) threat to the staff said the money, the staff took out more than and 100 yuan only to him, the man said no, then left, the whole process no injuries and property losses. The man: foreigners, Mandarin accent, age more than and 40 years old, about 1.7 meters tall, wearing a blue short sleeved shirt, wearing Beige shorts and slippers, strange behavior, suspected mental patient. Currently, the relevant circumstances are further investigation.相关的主题文章: