Men’s online shopping personal information fraud 2 years to buy the arrest of about 300000 g227

Men’s personal information online shopping fraud 2 years to buy about 300000 days before the arrest, Yicheng City People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of infringement of citizens’ personal information crime, approved the arrest of the suspect surname wang. This is the "criminal law amendment (nine)" since the promulgation and implementation of the hospital accepted the first case of infringement of personal information of citizens in Yicheng. The suspect surname Wang Department of Xiangyang people, since 2014, Beijing, Hunan, Shandong to get involved, Hebei and other places more than 30 personal information of citizens from the hands of a friend Lee illegal, and as a bait to commit fraud in online fraud amounting to more than 3 yuan. In August this year, police arrested the surname Wang, received a lot of personal information of citizens from the computer found. Public security personnel in accordance with the law to extract the personal information of the citizens of the screening of 4376 personal identity cards and motor vehicles to carry out verification, which is the true identity of the 775 information, the 572 is the real vehicle information. According to the surname Wang explained, he created a different QQ, adding a variety of purchase of personal information of citizens data such as a way through the QQ platform, the sale of personal information of citizens of data in different industries to the users, such as information collection, information, Car Buying purchasing power purchase information, and as a bait to commit fraud on the internet. Each transaction, he will be in the computer industry data template store to find information corresponding to the modified screenshot sent to customers through Alipay, ATM transfer fee transaction models, ranging from tens of dollars, more than a few thousand dollars, but the information is sent to the other is generally not, but received the customer play section will delete the other. Yicheng City People’s Procuratorate after examination and identification of access to personal information illegally, with Wang Moumou illegal means, and for fraud and other illegal activities, which constitutes the crime of infringement of citizens’ personal information, in accordance with the decision to approve the arrest him, and suggested that the public security organ to chase the suspect lee. Currently, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: