Mobile control often finger pain Beware of tenosynovitis (video) footman

Mobile control often finger pain? Beware of "getting bow" tenosynovitis with the crowd more huge, and bow habits disease incidence rate also increased, tenosynovitis is one of them. Due to the excessive use of intelligent mobile phone, especially some often require typing, typing quickly, prone to tenosynovitis. With typical symptoms of fingers of quotmorningstiffnessquot "tenosynovitis refers to chronic fatigue or inflammation caused by tendon and tendon sheath edema and chronic aseptic inflammation occurred in the thumb and middle finger." The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, deputy director of Department of preventive treatment of physician Liu Dongyang pointed out that there will be a typical quotmorningstiffnessquot symptoms. That morning feeling stiff fingers, not easy to stretch or bend, ache, need only after improvement. Because of stiff with the other hand to assist the finger, and, like playing the kind of bolt action and pull ring, this is a "trigger finger" or "finger". Rheumatoid arthritis can cause quotmorningstiffnessquot symptoms, it is best to the hospital rheumatism specialist diagnosed. The main reason is the finger tenosynovitis incidence is fixed in a certain position, repeated excessive activity, the frequent friction between the tendon and tendon sheath, resulting in edema, fibrosis, caused by stenosis, resulting in pain and movement disorder. The main pathogenesis is the long-term knock on the keyboard of the office workers, mobile control, a large number of people doing housework, manual workers. Congenital anomaly of tendon, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, usually weak people, are more likely to get the disease. Due to the excessive use of intelligent mobile phone, with prevalence increased year by year, and the trend of younger. Chronic cold stimulation is also the main cause. Patients usually have severe pain in the affected area, appear finger flexion and wrist flexion is difficult, not only will there will be pain, activity and sleep, in serious cases even need surgical treatment. At the wrist, loose fist and boxing to avoid tenosynovitis, should be the first reason for the "tenosynovitis an antidote against the disease do weatherization work", i.e., changing the original handedness. Try to avoid using cold water wash your hands, especially in the work, after the exercise of palm fever, can not touch cold water. Long time use mobile phone, computer, every once in a while, to relax the fingers and wrist joints, avoid excessive strain. Usually also can do some exercise action to prevent the onset of disease, such as wrist, loose fist and boxing exercises. These two methods can enhance the finger force and motion wrist and finger muscles, improve blood circulation, and eliminate the wrist and finger bending posture. For mild patients, should limit the lesion activity, correct bad action, can effectively control the inflammation of the tendon and tendon sheath. Hyperthermia on the site of pain, such as water immersion, hot compress, infrared light and other drugs. If the pain can affect activity and sleep, topical blood, detumescence, pain stopping drug paste type (oil) agent, such as active oil, can also be oral drugs, this class of drugs has double effect of relieving pain and eliminating inflammation. Note, not by the tenosynovitis of bacterial infection caused by inflammation, antibiotics are ineffective. More serious person can use strong preparation class methylprednisolone adding a small amount of local anesthetic is injected into the sheath, with anti-inflammatory, detumescence, with obvious curative effect. But it’s easy to relapse相关的主题文章: