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Crafts-Hobbies One of the first things every collector of Breyer horses must decide is what size model horse to collect. There are a variety of sizes available from several different manufacturers. Here is a list of the different sizes and scales with information to help you decide which one is right for you. 1:9 Scale This is the largest size and one of the oldest and most popular sizes. Breyer horses in this scale are about 12L x 9H. There is a great selection of horses available in this scale including all Breyer Traditional Series. The benefit of going large is the details are easier to see and the horses make a bigger visual impact. Another benefit is there is a great selection of horses and also rider dolls available in this scale. The disadvantages are they typically cost more money, ranging from $20 to $80, and they take up a lot of storage space and display space on the shelf. If you want a large collection, the costs and the space requirements start to add up quickly. 1:12 Scale This is also a popular size with horses about 10L x 7H. These horses are available in the Breyer Classics Series. This size provides the same level of quality and detail as the 1:9 scale but costs less, ranging from $15 to $30, and requires less space to display and store. Horses in this scale are popular as toys and collectibles. 1:24 Scale Getting smaller does not mean you give up any quality. These smaller horses are still offered with incredible hand-painted details and realistic textures. These horses are about 5L x 3.5H. The best horses available in this size are from Schleich and Safari. They make great toys and great collectibles because they are made of a durable plastic that is not easily scuffed or scratched. Key benefits of this scale are the model horse prices are only about $5 and the space requirements are minimal. Riders and stables are available for Schleich horses. The disadvantage of collecting model horses in this scale is the selection is not nearly as large as for the larger scale horses. 1:32 Scale These horses are about 3.5L x 2.5H. These small models are still very detailed. Breyer Stablemates is one of the only brands to offer this size. Prices are very reasonable with packs of 4 horses available for about $12. A model horse in this scale is most often used as toys. Playsets are available. 1:64 Scale These horses are about 2L x 1.5H. Breyer horses available in this scale are called Mini Whinnies. This tiny model horse is most often used as a toy. Playsets are available. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: