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Hardware Franking machine is a petite yet most powerful tool that can give your business the professional edge that you have been looking forward to all these years. The smarter replacement of Royal Mail stamps in the form of mail franking will certainly grab the attention of your clients. If you wish to buy one and install in your work place then it is mandatory that you should think about accredited franking machine suppliers only such as Frama . But even after meeting all these requirements you may have some queries. Here are answers to some common queries that you will find useful. How do I configure my franking machines? Generally, there are two ways of crediting the franking machine. One of them is in the form of small top-ups and the other one is in the form of package plans. In case of top-ups, you refill the credit with the amount that you need for mail franking some specific bulks of paper at a time. In case of package plans, you pay in advance for the services you will require for a longer period of time. How will I ascertain the payment plan I need? It is very simple! You need to examine whether you have regular stamping works that have a consistent volume or you execute short mail franking tasks that are deadline oriented and come in different volumes. Now, you will be able to understand that a package plan will be best for a consistent work and a top-up plan will be ideal for short tasks. Are there any service charges for the configurations I make? Yes, every time you refill your franking machine with a certain amount a percentage of it will get deducted as service charge. So, when you make frequent credit refills you end up in paying more service charges if you look at it from an overall perspective. But when you go for package plans the frequency of paying service charges get lessened. Do I need to go through an inspection process? Yes, it is mandatory. Since the franked images created by franking machines are legally approved counterparts of the conventional stamps, your franking machine needs to get inspected by Royal Mail every year. This inspection will be followed up by an authenticated approval which will give you the license to use mail franking in place of stamps throughout that year. You must know that some franking machine suppliers offer to get your machine inspected as a part of their yearly service. But there are some other companies too who do not offer such service, and you need to take up the responsibility on your own! About the Author: Franking Machine Warehouse is a certified Royal Mail dealer and inspector of mail franking machines. They are owned and operated by Mailcoms, the leading Royal Mail Independent Maintainers and Inspectors of postal franking machines in UK. They are known Franking Machine suppliers of giant franking machine companies such as Francotyp Postalia, Neopost, Frama and Pitney Bowes franking mail device. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Hardware 相关的主题文章: