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Mobil-.puting Developing an iPhone App is not an easy undertaking. The whole development process can take from two to six months depending on the kind of project you are working on and availability of resources that you need to develop an application. The development process of an iPhone application greatly relies on several factors such as your team’s skills and proficiency, budget and your manpower. Below are the stages developers have to endure in order to build a new iPhone application: Early Design Phase In this phase, you will discuss with your team the overall goal of your project. After that, your team has to .e up with the features that you want to incorporate in your project. Of course, you will do this with your target users in mind. After .pleting the list of features, outline several versions or prototypes of your application’s user interface and identify the highlights and glitches of each model. Now, you can .bine the best features of each prototype to create the most sophisticated design solution for your new application. You can allocate two to six weeks for the early design phase of your app. Client Feedback Stage If you are building a mobile application for a client, your team has to present first your preliminary design ideas subject to your client’s approval. If your proposal merely intends to imitate an existing application or generate a mobile friendly version of a website, the feedback period may only take a week. On the other hand, if the client requests you to create an original and unique product concept, expect the feedback period to last for more than a week. App Development Phase At this point, your development team will now .mence on implementing the features of the application that has been settled during the initial design and feedback stage. Apps with a great percentage of open-source code may not consume a lot of time to develop. Conversely, applications containing knotty and .plicated elements such as badges, notifications and broad social .work integration usually need a lengthier time to code. The span of development phase normally hinges on the features incorporated in the application. Depending on the intricacy of the features incorporated in the iPhone app, you can allot four to eight weeks for the actual application development stage of the project. Quality Assurance Testing The development process does not end in the creation of the new application as you still need to conduct numerous rounds of testing the product. The quality assurance testing phase of the application is an essential segment in application development. If you happen to detect few bugs at the first round of testing, then your team could launch the product in just a matter of weeks. However, if the testers discern serious snags in the basic operations of the newly developed application, your development team may have to do major modifications to the source code before releasing the product to the market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: