My wife would not the full moon divorce guy is full of shocked and puzzled didadi

My wife would not the full moon divorce guy is full of shocked and puzzled Zheng report financial media reporter Lu Yan provide clues Qin Shipu Bao Zhigang Xinmi, a young couple just a big fat guy, but two people court but at this happy moment, the woman man sued for divorce, which have any secrets? Reporters from the Xinmi court Liu Zhai court was informed that the mediation by the judge, the couple reconciled. Child mother why divorce not full moon ponies and Xiaofang is a young couple, two people from the acquaintance, love to get married, has been four years. This year, the couple just added a big fat boy, one family should be happy, enjoy the happy time. But, unexpectedly, the child is not full, Xiaofang went into the Xinmi court, asked for a divorce with her husband pony. Received the respondent court documents, the pony face is shocked and puzzled and sad, he resolutely opposed divorce. The judge in detail about the case, realized that this is a special case of divorce: the child is still in its infancy, but the child’s mother filed for divorce, if two people hasty divorce, so a happy family will be destroyed on one day. What’s more, the fate of a child who has yet to be full moon will change, and what should we do in the future? So it should be based on mediation. The young couple married family chores to bickering about good mediation date, two couples came to court, the judge let them sit on a small table in the form of homely, create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, with the open situation salutary influence of education language. So, Xiao Fang excitedly told the judge telling her divorce reason, while a pony is not all, it was a judge in the pony, that don’t, and patience to listen to. With Xiaofang said, her mood got catharsis, the judge of the case have more understanding. The original pony is daochamen son-in-law, living in the house was two Xiaofang, feeling good, but in life, both families often disagree on little things, about two people live too much interference, so that the two people often quarrel because of household chores. So, Xiao Fang believes pony not assertive, has always been the sister and interference effects; she is pregnant, the pony is indifferent to oneself, neither do the housework, but did not take good care of yourself. Let Xiaofang bear, each row have pony "divorce" Guazaizuibian, severely hurt his feelings. Apologize forgive husband wife, again to judge mediation consciousness, Xiaofang pregnancy and postpartum, due to physical and mental pressure, emotional instability, easy mood fluctuations, also become extremely sensitive and suspicious, it will even become to severe depression. So, on the one hand to arrange female police officers and Xiaofang chat, enlighten to her; on the other hand alone in the outside and pony communication, tell him Xiaofang the current psychological state, explain their education, let the pony to explain and apologize xiaofang. Then, in the presence of small Fang pointed out pony mistakes, one by one to explain and review the request, Xiaofang forgive. The judge in the side from time to time to enlighten, let Xiaofang realized that the pony for her and the baby in hard money, sometimes to family negligence, please understand her. Finally, the judge starting from the children’s point of view, is not to make her full moon child. At first.相关的主题文章: