Na Ying and international pianist Lang Lang second class to meet the challenge, winsockfix

Na Ying and international pianist Lang Lang   "second class" to meet the challenge, entertainment channel, Na Ying on Friday, Kazakhstan camp "battle child cry" old urchin this scene, let everyone experience the "new song" China between tutors and students true friendship. This week, Na Ying and international pianist Lang Lang, led the new "second class" to meet the challenge! Harlem Yu since some students said, to help teachers to get them. Wuli that sister will not be defeated! Some students said, some people say my mentor, I would like to find them dry…… It is reported that on September 7th -8, the Tencent will invite video Harlem Yu clan Wang Chuang, Fu Hao barrage exclusive guest chat, want to know the two generals the mood? To tease! On the stage of the new song, the deep friendship between the teacher and the students. Before Wang Feng took his wife for students refueling, Jielun promised that the students are out again to his concert, and Harlem Yu stage tears. As the champion Na Ying mentor, how will not move? Help supervisor Lang in the group’s visit when broke, had never seen the homework done so thin, that sister not only long before their audio and data, to send voice introduction. For back from Rio to Lang Lang, authentic dongbei. Of course, love is mutual, the sister and student is cherishing! It is understood that the students said, is watching Na Ying love rehearsal in the eyes, because they see her eyes, will feel very warm and very firm, the elder sister is more like a very dear sister. This can lead to three instructors Siege: we have never seen her face"! However, there is a student more fierce, fierce appearance and "second class" love song route do not match, and heard some bad voice. So Man students how to endure?! Upright immediately said, heard black is his mentor, who wants to fight. It seems, love teachers love very deep! The students that sister needs! So the feeling of the sister in the face of cruel elimination, before the game, said sadly: try not to cry, each student is like their children." I do not know this week is not turn that sister tears in song sound? Last week, Kazakhstan camp fierce battle people say, the wonderful performance of students is the strength of ring powder. I believe we can eat three bowls of the meal Wang Chuang, God adapted "wind broken" musical genius of Fu Hao impressed. In September 7th 16 -17, Fu Hao will visit the Tencent video barrage chat, users to reveal the secret camp of kazakhstan. In September 8th, lovely Wang Chuang will also be on the same line at the same time, to listen to her how to help mentor get others?! When elegant classical music on behalf of Lang Lang hit the upright Na Ying, two people will mash out what spark? "Two classes" teachers and students love deep, that sister would do? "The new song" Chinese more splendid in the Tencent video, every Friday night 21:10 follow the music to hi! (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: