Nanan 19 year old guy to buy Xiamen delivery rise swim drowned swimming

Nanan 19 year old guy to buy swim trunks rise Xiamen shipping drowned Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (reporter Fang Shu) lad to delivery, see the front of a clear water, specially bought a pair of trunks under shade, did not think of, but never get up. Yesterday morning, Xiamen blue rescue team from the sea nearly kilometers away from the sea, picked up the little guy has no signs of life. It was said that the young man had an accident in the afternoon of October 26th. "Nanan people, only 19 years old this year," blue sky rescue team captain said, "the sea is located in the sea around the island, close to the field near a construction site.". Blue sky rescue team received rescue in October 27th, searching for 7, dark without fruit. After a night of coordination, there were 2 old fishermen who stepped forward and were willing to lend their boats. "Thank you very much indeed."!" Aquatic plants say, 2 old fishermen also sail personally, looking for together. Finally, at about 10 a.m. yesterday, the team found the missing guy. Head down to the surface of the water, there is no sign of life. The guy’s parents from Nanan arrived in Xiamen, people can not find, on the shore of bitter hope; when the guy body was back, two people cried at the top.

南安19岁小伙来厦门送货 兴起买泳裤下水游泳溺亡   厦门网-厦门日报讯(记者房舒)小伙子来送货,看到眼前一片清澈的海水,特地买了一条泳裤下水纳凉,没想到,人却再也没能起来。昨日上午,厦门蓝天救援队从离岸将近千米外的海中,捞起了已经没有生命迹象的小伙。   据说,小伙子是在10月26日下午出事的。“南安人,今年才19岁”,蓝天救援队队长水草说,下海的地点在环岛海域,靠近后田附近的一个在建工地。   蓝天救援队10月27日接到救援,搜寻至7点天黑无果。经过一夜协调后,终于有2个老渔民挺身而出,愿意出借船只。“真的很感谢他们!”水草说,2个老渔民还亲自开船一起寻找。   终于,昨日上午10点左右,队员们找到了失踪的小伙子。头朝下趴在水面上,已经没有了生命迹象。小伙的父母已从南安赶到厦门,人没找到时,在岸边苦盼;当小伙尸体被拉回时,两人哭得声嘶力竭。相关的主题文章: