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The national tourist complaints from   complaints is the largest travel agency quality — Shaanxi channel — original title: national tourist complaints complaints is the largest single released travel agency quality national tourist complaints was released, most complaints is travel agency quality. The National Day holiday didn’t feel what is over, the foreign tourists to Shaanxi is more sad, today (October 7th) they have to return home. This eleven, Xi’an to foreign tourists to leave any impression, there are not enough to do what Xi’an needs to work again, we take a look at this year’s National Day holiday travel complaints in Xi’an. Bell Tower and Drum Tower, Qujiang, big wild goose pagoda, Huaqing Hot Spring…… Seven days is too short, how can we embrace the ancient city beauty? But the end of the holiday, can only carry bags tashangguitu. Visitors 1: "the ancient city of special rods." Tourist 2: "this is a place worth playing time and time again." 3 tourists: "the big wild goose pagoda music fountain is very good, is really very good." This is an interview with reporters today, the tourists say a few words. In addition we can be reluctant to part, or some of their proposals are put forward for Xi’an. Visitor 1: "the hotel is closed too early." Tourist 2: travel agency price is a little high, much higher than usual." Visitors 3: I went into the scenic area is the first thing I took a photo, I think this service is actually quite good, but when I go to the photos, tell me the book of fifty dollars." Visitors 4: if the traffic can be improved better." Visitors 5: the scenic area of the charges is not very clear." The seven day of the national day, the Xi’an official received a single travel complaints also released, which was the most complaints is what kind of problem? Xi’an Tourism Quality Supervision and management of the head of the Department: the complaint is 105, the complaint is the quality of travel agencies, is the 31." Branch chief told reporters that this year’s tourism complaints increased in recent years. The main reason is that this year, visitors to Xi’an increased significantly, compared with last year is expected to more than twenty percent. Xi’an Tourism Quality Supervision and management branch chief: "the increase in the number of tourists caused by the decline in our tourist reception capacity." Therefore, the first is the travel agency service quality complaints, the amount of complaints second is the quality of service, a total of 30. This includes the service attitude of the scenic spots, security is not in place, poor sanitation toilet area, as well as the Shaanxi Museum of history has scalpers, electronic tickets are not against the ticket and other issues. Complaints volume third is the business Fasthotel. This includes online booking hotel room not normal check-in, the hotel price hikes, businesses lack the spirit of honesty, not satisfied with the room refund and other issues. The last row is a total of 19 complaints traffic. In the face of these problems, we need to continue to improve, for this time next year, the number of complaints can become less and less. At the same time, know the problem, there is an improvement in the direction, do not live up to the expectations of tourists, can get a beautiful white, this is the direction of Xi’an people should strive. (Shan)相关的主题文章: