National Peking opera school play for the autumn night Ctrip Capital University Teachers – Beijing

National Peking opera school play for the autumn night Ctrip Capital University Teachers – Beijing Beijing in September 16 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) National Peking Opera a line of more than 80 people on the evening of 15 Ctrip’s "send biyuzan" staged in Beijing Jiaotong University Siyuan teaching thousands of educators from several universities in the capital were invited to see the show, a quintessence of charm, to celebrate the mid autumn festival. On the night of the performance, in order to make the audience better appreciate, before the show started, the theatre made arrangements for the national level actor Liu Kuikui guided tours, opera, wonderful speech 15 minutes won the audience’s applause. The curtain went up, starring outstanding young actor Lv Yaoyao featuring the famous "biyuzan" way to send a wonderful stage. A way to send low melodious singing, fantastic performances will soon introduce the audience from the plot, "Lu Gu and Shaozhuang matchmaker to Zan conspiracy, Zhao Qixian wants to break up with Zhang Yuzhen" angry, "Qi Xian saw and false letters of the jade hairpin Zhen heart rift" concerns, and to "Qi Xian and with Yu Zhen, the couple will have to complete" the joy, the emotion of the audience with the story of ups and downs, and the actors on the stage of happiness with the sad immersed, won applause, applause again and again. "Biyuzan" is the National Peking Opera in 2016 focused on complex row repertoire, in order to make the drama perfect show, theatre invited the famous Peking Opera artist Zhang Manling as a double row of art direction, face to face guidance of veteran artists Sun Wanhua, Pan Yongling, oral teaching that inspires true understanding within. It is reported that in September 19th, 20, "biyuzan" will also serve as the national art troupes show season and repertoire in Mei Lanfang theatre, outstanding young actor Lv Yaoyao, Li Wenying, Chen Xuzhi, Zhang Yi, Dai Zhongyu, national level actor Ma Xiangfei, Zhang Jing will offer portrait art. (end)相关的主题文章: