New In Demand Classes For 2012-luonv

Vocational-Trade-Schools The New Year is underway and employers are still on the hunt for new recruits. Employers needs are the cornerstone of our training programs here at ABCO Technology. After numerous and lengthy discussions with Southern California .panies, our vocational school has constructed a curriculum of in demand courses. These classes are scheduled for the 2012 calendar year. These courses included in the curriculum are as follows: 1. Mobile Application Programing and Development for Iphone and Android Operating systems. 2. CISSP / Certified internet Security Specialist Professional The goal of this five – day or 40 hours course is to provide information security professionals a fully-immersed, zero-distraction, all-inclusive CISSP CBK training and certification experience. Our CISSP training class en.passes the (ISC) CISSP CBK course outline, value-added hands- on, industry related instruction. The CISSP certification is governed by the International Information Systems Security Certifications Consortium (ISC) and has gained importance as a key .ponent in the selection process for management-level information security positions. 3. CEH / Certified Ethical Hacker This title is given to a penetration tester. The ethical hacker is usually employed by an organization who gives trusts to him or her to attempt to penetrate networks and / or .puter systems, using the same methods as a hacker. The purpose is to find any vulnerability in the network that can cause an intruder to exploit the system and the data concealed behind it. 4. Cloud .puting With the cloud absorbing more and more .panies into remotely hosting there data, it has also absorbed many IT jobs that dont have servers on their premise. Without servers to maintain the need for IT technicians has been impacted, and with more and more .panies following this trend, it is more apparent that server maintenance and troubleshooting will be moved to server farms. 5. .puter Forensics Sometimes referred to as .puter forensic science, this is a branch of digital forensic science pertains to legal evidence found in .puters and digital storage media. The objective of .puter forensics is to examine digital media in forensically sound manner with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting facts and opinions about information. Although it is most often affiliated with the investigation of wide variety of .puter crimes, forensics may also be used in civil proceedings. The principals involved are similar techniques and principles to data recovery, but with additional guidelines and practices designated to create a legal audit trail. 6. VMware based Infrastructure Virtualized .puters, with the advancement and more power that is derived from hardware more .panies are signing on to using virtualized platforms. This is to say that a .pany can run an Oracle database, domain name server (dns), and dynamic host configuration protocol (dhcp) all on one physical box, saving the .pany money and space. 7. PHP & MySQL database implementation PHP is a scripting language incorporated with html can add functionality to a website. With the use of MySQL which is a free and widely used database system and PHP implemented to easily .municate with the database to storage and retrieval of data. Presently PHP & MySQL are the most widely used for web development websites and online applications. 8. Oracle Database Application Infrastructure Oracle is a database application used for storing and retrieving data. The information technology field is founded on the retrieval, storage and presentation of data. Not to mention the protection of information. Employers are looking for qualified candidates for these positions. ABCO Technology has developed an intensive and tailored courseware; we have experienced and certified instructors with years of experience in their respective fields. Our instructors are .mitted to their students not solely for preparing students in passing certification exams, but also through quality hands on learning experience preparing our students for employment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: