Ningbo next month is no longer issuing vehicle environmental mark ring detection and security be mad

Ningbo next month is no longer issuing vehicle environmental mark ring detection and security of vehicle emission inspection institutions shall be made one strictly implement vehicle emission inspection standards, and emissions inspection data and electronic inspection report issued by the environmental protection departments upload, emissions inspection report by the environmental protection department of unified code. Environmental protection department is no longer issued motor vehicle environmental inspection mark. Motor vehicle safety and technical inspection agency will discharge inspection report after taking pictures, through the monitoring system for motor vehicle safety and technical inspection from the public security departments of motor vehicle emission inspection regularly without qualification, will not issue a safety inspection certificate. The public security departments of motor vehicles without periodic emissions inspection reports, issuing safety inspection mark. How is the new atmospheric law defined? "Air law" fifty-third states: in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state or local motor vehicles should be used by the motor vehicle emission inspection agencies regularly carry out emissions testing. Passing the test, only on the road. Failing to pass the examination, the traffic control department of the public security organ shall not issue a certificate of safety technical inspection. After the cancellation of environmental protection signs, but also exhaust emissions test? Motor vehicle exhaust emission inspection is still as usual, the vehicle must be tested through the exhaust gas to obtain security marks. The new regulations, in fact, is a combination of environmental protection signs and security marks. According to "road traffic safety law", no security symbol of the vehicle shall be driven on the road, at the same time, "" air law "provisions of article 113rd, substandard vehicles on the road by the traffic administrative department of the public security organ shall be punished according to law. How to understand the introduction of new regulations? Environmental protection ministry abolished the "issued by < motor vehicle environmental inspection marks > management regulations; notice", three ministries issued a "Circular on further regulating the emissions inspection work to strengthen the supervision and management of motor vehicle environment" (the 2016 air ring No. 2), which means that the "green standard" system announced the abolition of. But "the abolition of green standard" does not mean the abolition of the ring test, the vehicle must still ring through the test in order to obtain security signs. In accordance with popular understanding, the two signs of the ring and security checks, merged into one, in the future there is a qualified vehicle safety inspection, which means that the ring is also qualified. Vehicle off-site inspection, but also for the Commission procedures? I have been on the vehicle emission inspection vehicle remote provinces, other provinces and cities by the motor vehicle safety and technical inspection instructions can be in the city of vehicle emission inspection; if the vehicle in the field and field inspection, public security and environmental protection requirements provide the certificate of entrustment, the owner can choose from public security, Environmental Protection Commission order. The following is the city’s Environmental Protection Commission for the point: the abolition of environmental protection signs, which brings convenience to the owners? Environmental protection is an important symbol of the abolition of the policy, which means that the city’s motor vehicle owners do not have to apply for environmental protection inspection mark.相关的主题文章: