No Sakura, Kabuki Tokyo eight minutes, what we tell

No Sakura, Kabuki Tokyo eight minutes, what we tell? Abstract: the "Tokyo show" on the various types of black technology also reminds us that not only to innovate cultural symbols, but also innovative ways of communication. Simply put, is to become fashionable, fun, fun. The Olympic Games is an important stage to show the national image and culture. The closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics, Tokyo, Japan took the baton, eight minutes of publicity and live performances, both a sense of feeling and sense of science and technology, won praise. Japan is a country with soft power, cultural output is fruitful, has a worldwide influence. China is trying to enhance the image and cultural influence of China, the Tokyo show to us what kind of thinking? First, China should not be immersed in the past, I am very rich, and to show the current and future Olympic Games closing ceremony, the next Olympic Games host city will play 8 minutes of publicity, and live performances. This is a rare opportunity to promote and display the national image to the world. Therefore, almost every country will please take over the best director, best idea, selecting the most representative cultural symbols, show the best image of the country. Speaking of Tokyo show before, may wish to review the Athens Olympic Games Closing Ceremony of the Beijing show to the world what. 2004 Beijing show, is divided into three parts. The first part, 12 selected from the major domestic art beauty wearing a dress skirt, holding a pipa, erhu, tambourine and other traditional musical instruments, enlivened with white legs playing "Jasmine". After that, another white beauty, the performance of long dance. The second part is "Chinese Kung Fu", including martial arts and drum performance. 28 performers from Henan Shaolin martial arts school in various ethnic costumes, hand picked 28 large red lanterns appeared. Dancers dance with the beautiful "drunken drum". The third part is the performance of Peking opera. The performance of the Beijing show. "Tokyo show" is different. In addition to the transfer of the Olympic flag of Tokyo governor Koike Yuriko wearing a traditional kimono, kendo, tea, and other traditional Kabuki "Japanese name card" has been replaced by popular culture. Mario, HELLO KITTY, A Doraemon, air wing and other world famous games and cartoon characters appear one by one. The scene is on the black Technology: the venue slowly started Flag of Japan completed by the "robot" operation performance using CG and AR Technology (augmented reality), on behalf of the Tokyo Olympic Games 33 sports humanoid images will appear in the stadium. In terms of performance, the Beijing show and Tokyo show are wonderful, but behind it presents a different way of thinking and purpose. The Beijing show is trying to use the cheongsam, erhu, jasmine, Kung Fu, red lanterns, opera and other cultural symbols show a civilization culture, Japan is trying to use cartoon image, popular culture and high technology show a leading culture and technology image. The past glory, of course, need to inherit and promote, but the country’s competition and people’s lives, is based on the present and future. From this point of view, Tokyo show worth learning. 12 years ago, Beijing show on display in the past I was rich, there is some on the stage are not confident and shy, there are also some poor helpless..相关的主题文章: