NOKIA’s highest selling machine was turned into a Android watch! (video) havd707

NOKIA’s highest selling machine was turned into a Android watch! The Verge Chinese station on October 7th reported that it is necessary to consider the purchase of smart watches, users have many choices. Or, the user can according to the good hardware transformation of the YouTube user Daniel · Davis (Daniel Davis) steps, their smart watches to create a personalized. NOKIA 1100 still eating ash? With the master to transform it into a smart watch but it is not just a smart watch Davis Pebble products or homemade Android Wear equipment. Davis inventive, a NOKIA 1100 mobile phone into a smart watch. NOKIA has 1100 parts Davis smart watches are needed, such as small size screen and vibration motor. Davis transformation smart watch the configuration of a Arduino development board case, 3D printing is arranged in the Bluetooth module and a 3.7 volt rechargeable battery. Users can watch the transformation process of complete Tinkernut YouTube channel in davis. For a smart watch, Davis transformation products seem cumbersome, but it is fully operational, can pick up the phone and receive text messages, a NOKIA 1100 mobile phone products impressive. (author: Chaim Gartenberg translation: Wen Xin) [Click to view the original Chinese rights of American The Verge works by Tencent Inc, without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: