Not easy to raise a child tonight on the story of a small town plain hit (video) yvette yates

"Not easy" to raise a child tonight on the story of a small town "simple strikes is not easy" to raise a child Trailer _01 Tencent entertainment news produced by cool media, Chen Meilin served as producer, directed by Liu Fengsheng, Ma Guangyuan, Hairong Tian, Xin Baiqing, Jiang Zuping, Jiang Yi, Xu Shen, Tian Zhong, Gao Guangze, Jia Zongchao, Dong and other powerful actors starring DEDECATES the annual "emotional tear. Raising a child is not easy" tonight will be landing Liaoning TV prime time broadcasting, warmth. The play tells the story of the unfortunate life is still a strong mother, raising five children alone touching story. Previously, the drama broadcast on the ground when viewing all the way, in the Hunan entertainment channel ratings is as high as 1.5, won the channel this quarter, a single set of the highest ratings, the audience also have to give praise. The broadcast on the star, the play is expected to become the 2016 classic. "Many stories full of crying and astringent" "the story of a small town, full of joy and happiness", the song "xiaochengstory" sing out of town and melodious dense life breath, but in the "not easy" to raise a child in the town of story is full of endless bitter and astringent, in this rely on mother Li Xinru (Hairong Tian ornaments) to support the single parent family, a little bit of "joy and happiness" is enough to support the whole family, it is very bitter very cruel. The story in the last century at the end of 70s, living in the small town of Li Xinru, died in the hard-working women, her husband injured family pillar broken, and did not give up the belief of life, but has not been a tragic fate of admiration, but strong and optimistic to continue to struggle. All the burdens of life pressure in her body, looked at around five children, she bites, with tenacity, propped up the house, "China mother" great in her real show. Look into all aspects of life is different from the previous time of nostalgia drama, "not easy" to raise a child with all aspects of life, family, neighborhood relations, education, dreams, work and other factors a clear cut in front of the audience. The dependence of single mother Li Xinru and his children on the interpretation of the most selfless love; sister-in-law (Jiang Zuping ornaments) strength endorsement "tomboy", savage and justice United staged, will dedicate some friends or love; volunteer teacher Han Chao (Xin Baiqing Li Xinru) to love life, love long touching; the eldest son of Yan Ligang (high Hirosawa ornaments) character of kindness, to become a college student is keen, his biggest dream, but the dream road is very difficult…… Tonight, the play finally landed in Liaoning satellite TV, with the national audience, the most simple family, the most true story of the town, the most touching emotion waiting, the situation of love, the simple attack.相关的主题文章: