Not only in Denmark, but also in Jiaxing Plum Blossom Island msvbvm60.dll

Fairy tales not only happen in Denmark is also possible in Jiaxing Meihua Island an invigorating autumn climate "golden nine silver ten" is coming, it is a good time to go out to play. Want to go for a walk, close to nature, and do not know where to go? Then come to the plum blossom island! The Millennium ancient ginkgo scenic area was covered with yellow coat, million lamp has the town dressed is, Xiao Bian learned that 2016 Jiaxing leisure shopping festival "Happy Tour" sub plate one of the activities of the 2016 plum blossom season delta ginkgo Culture Festival "and you are eager to meet a romantic, like an autumn fairy tale. During the 2016 season of Ginkgo plum Chau Culture Festival, plum Chau will be heavy launch a town lighting dream Festival, the festival of lights will rely on plum Delta area within the very sense of history of ancient town charm, light absorbing international popular science fiction elements, lights and scenic gem Ambilight in ancient building, for everyone to build a enjoy the cool autumn unique place, tiny spots lights combined into a variety of fantastic. The festival of lights is divided into eight blocks: dream of the door, the theme of the night, love, Xinghai forest pond road, tunnel, under the umbrella of walking, flying boy, snow galaxy. Time tunnel, colorful dream of the sky, the animal world, however, Star Ocean, even the trees, the lawn is covered with beautiful appearance, have great originality to create a water town night activities, the ultimate romantic charm, let you stroll in the scenic spots like the shuttle in the years before the magnificent lantern, into the touch the soul the time of the trip. The plum blossom season of Ginkgo delta Cultural Festival is not only in the night for visitors to offer a colorful visual feast of luxury, in the daytime, more tourists offer including picking, barbecue, tourism and other recreational activities. From the Mid Autumn Festival to the national day, ginkgo Culture Festival will bring the season town lighting dream Festival, national day seven days chowhound Festival, beer Carnival Carnival and other activities, the Millennium ginkgo blessing tour, autumn Vegetable & Fruit picking tours, games, fun experience tour, rural market cultural tours, barbecue picnic eco Tour, movie and TV base electric tour will bring all-weather good-looking, delicious and fun in autumn tourism activities according to the plum blossom festival continued lighting dream for everyone, from now until October 15th, activities for a period of one month. The opening time for every day at 5:30 in the evening, the lighting time is 6:30 in the evening to 10, in case of rain, the park is suspended. The public interest can purchase a ticket to watch and play.相关的主题文章: