On the father of 4, the Yellow column is also to be a mosaic pork face

On the "father of 4," the Yellow column is also to be a mosaic? The Sina entertainment column boiled mango Taiwan still seems to have been constantly criticized, and has always been hyped by various means. But the mango Taiwan Han special treatment for many domestic audiences began to stay away from mango. For example, the mango host also let the audience in public worship hanbyul, condemning constantly. Even a few days ago because of the entertainment of a young actor died, the mango platform host sent a memorial micro-blog have been scolded. Think of mango is enough to support the miserable, because they do not live up to the host is going to have to be scolded. Now the Han Ling ", in a Han record was deleted so many shots that were forced to face part was a mosaic, only recently" father 4 "open record, do not know how to use mango Taiwan has also hit the mosaic Han? As a news show: yellow, caused by the previously recorded "Challenger" column alliance, was suspected of being "Han ban order" to sweep, obviously from A to Z finished program, but was cut off all the official broadcast lens, only a small part of flashed back, even accidentally appear also playing mosaic. However, he was now "father 4" arrangements for the fixed team, whether the future will be affected, but also the focus of attention of the audience. Speaking of the "father" of the Han in 4, mango also harvested a lot. As a netizen said: Jiangsu Taiwan all Korean stars hit the mosaic, Hunan Taiwan also dare openly please stick, stick on the collapse of the Hunan station to leave? Also, there are many children’s entertainment star to go, it is difficult not to leave the mango Han Xingzhen can not survive? The mango is a lot of criticism, because it lets the audience to join Han disgusted: haven’t seen the Hunan Taiwan, South Korea in a line of eighteen Han Bangzi Chinese said some good or China variety, immediately became a big star! No wonder so many Korean star crush to us China development! Famous fast, more money, more idiotic powder! In fact, there is no classic works, but also rely on speculation about what the ghost! Why do you want Korean artists? Casually a Korean on the program will be no more! Chinese earn money but the bones look down on Chinese! Boycott! Don’t know the mango is not really to want to make the ratings or topic, finally let the Han under pressure to mosaic? Today’s entertainment reality show is really very fire, "Dad" is the fire to the fourth quarter. Just before the three season is not full of praise, including radio and Television Department is also in the containment star wealth to resist all kinds of speculation and so on. Of course, the relevant departments of the meaning of entertainment programs need more to promote positive energy, but a lot of entertainment programs that are actually superior stars, so even now, the program is used frequently in some international stars. It seems more likely to have such topics as a gimmick, mango Taiwan: is it take Han as a gimmick seems not very sure, but it is really under the "Han limit order" pressure to let the audience continue to see the Han mosaic may be embarrassing…… (sound)相关的主题文章: