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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The flora of Italy boasts an incredible variety of fruits and vegetables. A visit to a produce market or local outdoor markets in Italy will be an unforgettable experience for you as a tourist. From the northern Alps to southern Sicily it’s always a pleasure to shop in the streets of any Italian town or city. Use of fresh produce has always been the hallmark of Italian cuisine. Italian cuisine is also seasonal with utmost priority placed on the use of local fresh, green and aromatic produce. Some of the popular open air Markets in Italy Frutta e Verdura, Milan Frutta e Verdura is the fruit and vegetable market in Italy . This market is filled with organic produce, fresh cheese, baked snacks and all other sorts of native products. Here in the outdoor markets of Italy, the items are priced by the metric system by one kilogram, which is around 2.2 pounds. Mercato di Mezzo, Bologna Bologna is rightly called as the food Capital of Italy. Mercato di Mezzo offers more than fruits and vegetables; there are herbs and spices, beans, olive oil, pasta, honey, wine, cheeses, soaps, and more – all organic and handmade. There are a few affluent restaurants and grocery stores that serve authentic Italian food and traditional wine. Porta Palazzo, Turin The Porta Palazzo market is a melting pot of civilizations, traditions and cultures that liven up Turin. It is also Europe’s largest open air market where you can find just about anything. Apart from the produce arriving from every region of Italy and specialties from all over the world, you can also shop for shoes, clothing, household items, toys, and a lot more. Mergellina district, Naples/Napoli Napoli the birthplace of pizza, holds an indisputable position in the culinary world. Engage in some street fare to get the real Italian cuisine. Since Napoli is coastal district, seafood and vegetables feature in almost every cuisine. Also known for its eateries and wine shops, this outdoor market in Italy is the place to get the best Italian food at great prices. Italy has always been known as a place that is rich in cultural heritage and classic architecture. It also has the best open air markets in all of Europe. Everything produced and sold here are fresh, organic and safe. Pack your bags to explore and experience open air markets of Italy with PeriiloTours… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: