Parents’ class eight basic abilities of children’s life

Parents’ class: the eight basic qualities of a child’s life, a child’s character, ability, often in the early stages of life can be reflected, parents will focus on this stage to give their children the best education. But do you know what the baby needs most? The small child’s life included about eight basic skills, parents should focus on training! The ability to accept defeat, in a social group, lost the opportunity to others would win more opportunities than others, therefore, than to focus on the first effort, more important is to should have anything to mind. Please do not forget that when you are afraid of the failure of the child, the child more opportunities for growth are being deprived of you. We can no longer because of their fear and dedication in the first, and the child’s hands and feet bound to the invisible, but should train children to fall, you can stand up, and the ability to move forward again. We must bear in mind that a child who has no failure will never succeed in life. Thinking of thinking philosophy two, philosophy style, always holding the spirit of doubt, don’t put everything as behoove like treatment, should not be too much to look at things directly, not to go with the feeling "mode, but in theory as the base of this, to explain what happened to things are not familiar with the thinking, if no harvest, not because your IQ is not enough. Three, since the official perception of happiness is not happiness, fortune is not happy, then what is happiness? My teacher told me: happiness does not depend on how much it is! A person who does not have the ability to feel happy, no matter how much he gets, he will not be happy; a person who can perceive happiness, no matter how ordinary, is happy. Four, leadership leader is not inborn, but is acquired, and before the age of 3 is the key period for the children’s emotional development, so parents do not let children develop intelligent at this time only, and missed the best period of learning communication and observation of others. Learn to communicate with the children in the kindergarten or school, will be loved by their peers, friends will be around a lot, which can lay the foundation for his future good interpersonal relationships. Even if you don’t become a leader, you will become a popular person. The need to rely on to enhance the leadership training, an aspiring leaders need the opportunity to hone his art of leadership. Let the children take part in the sports team, boy scout. Extracurricular activities groups and other community organizations, where they will get the experience of others. But it should also let the children in their interests to strive for leadership. Five, the ability to read in the process of learning to lead the children, parents must remember that you only shoulder the 2 tasks: first, let the children like to read; the second is to teach children how to read. Six, the exchange of the road of life is tortuous, a person no matter how smart, how excellent, without the support of others, the possibility of achieving outstanding achievements is very small. Without the support of others, even the way to obtain high wisdom.相关的主题文章: