Photos Zihan Chen Dai Xiangyu love announced December 9th Spanish marriage (video)

Photos: Zihan Chen Dai Xiangyu love announced December 9th Spanish marriage Tencent entertainment news on November 9th, Dai Xiangyu Zihan Chen couple together at Shanghai "2016 Cosmo fashion beauty pageant, accept the Host interview on the red carpet, Dai Xiangyu first announced in Barcelona in December 9th for his wife Zihan Chen to hold a warm wedding, the couple love others envy. Zihan Chen Dai Xiangyu first announced the marriage hearing: 1209 two people in Spain the gorgeous gown palace style "on the red carpet, together hand in hand, Yan burst table values. Dai Xiangyu said to give his wife a warm and holy wedding, and has been planning for half a year, or even slowed down the pace of work, only hope that the wife can feel happy. One eye brow is laughing Zihan Chen said it will be in the play before and every Phi wedding are not the same, is truly their own wedding. Then in the activities in the field, the host Chen Zhengfei also came to congratulate two people, ask big premarital mood. Dai Xiangyu said to the theme of wit that night was "burning", and explain in its opinion of "burning" is "burning themselves to love others," said jokingly he and wife are important days and the number 9 has two people: the indissoluble bound marriage license is May 19th, tonight announced marriage hearing in November 9th, officially the wedding is in December 9th, Beijing thanks feast or December 19th, so many 9, two people are good for a long time long marriage. Rarely in public affairs talk Zihan Chen is extremely shy to cover your mouth smiled and said: "today is my courage, like tonight’s theme of" burning "in my opinion is a kind of courage, I choose this topic to response their joy to share with you." Users sigh goddess get together and get married: Zihan Chen happy ending after the end of the two people still love interaction on micro-blog. Dai Xiangyu made micro-blog confession: there are family, you have me, love, courage, there is no future! Marry you to let the world know! 12.9 Spanish Barcelona, our wedding." Zihan Chen sweet response: "love makes the long flight more courage, 12.9 look forward to this you give me the most holy wedding." In this regard, netizens also send good wishes and happiness forever, a harmonious union lasting a hundred years also have a lot of friends, like Liu Shishi, Ruby Lin, Michelle Chen said, Hsu Chi, Christy Chung and other goddesses are choose to get together this year marriage, Zihan Chen’s wedding is holy for this happy year draw to a successful conclusion. It is reported that Dai Xiangyu has participated in the 2007 "hero", after the successful development of Singapore, Singapore not only won the "Star Awards" rookie of the year, but for two consecutive years won the most popular male artist award, starring drama "the Little Nyonya", "broken", "daughter" Skynet in the local is known to every family. Called the "Singapore media age". Zihan Chen in the "Han Emperor", "White Snake", "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" (Zhang Jizhong Alec Su edition version of Steve Ma version of Tony Leung version of Lawrence Ng version of Adam Cheng version) "," (mainland version of The legend of Condor Hero Louis Koo Andy Lau edition version), "Gu Jian" and many other film and television drama brisk performance, be too numerous to enumerate the classic role. Zihan Chen industry相关的主题文章: