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Surly Bill Ted Trailers The Xtracycle Node: A Revolution In Cargo Bikes Posted By: sinuse

Xtracycle Node Ready To Take The Leap Of The Xtracycle Leap? Posted By: sinuse

Xtracycle Leap Experience The Ground-breaking Joys Of Urban Arrow Cargo Bikes. Posted By: sinuse The cargo bike received the red dot award at the Eurobike Bicycle Trade Show that year for the family version. It was love at first sight when we first encountered Urban Arrow cargo bikes in Germany a few years back. The bike was an innovative departure from most generic cargo bikes due its exciting design and use of various modern materials. The bike has an unusual but impressive aluminium frame, which allows us to stand up to everything modern life can throw at it. Despite this, it remains much lighter than many other cargo bikes on the market. The box on this bike is also highly innovative, being made from shockproof foam EPP, while the aluminium frame keeps your children extremely safe as you travel. The bike impresses in terms of both its functionality and aesthetics, containing various features not commonly seen with two-wheeled family bikes, such as a raintent that protects the pedaller from the elements. The bike seats up to four kids as well as their luggage. The electric assist system comes courtesy of the iconic innovators at Bosch, with the bike using low-maintenance Nuvinci N360 continuously variable gearing.

Urban Arrow Cycling With Your Dog In Town – It Really Is Possible. Posted By: sinuse Cycling with your dog isn’t as overambitious as it might seem. Growing numbers of people are approaching Practical Cycles after hearing about what we’ve done for our dog-owning customers – and we could do much the same for you and your treasured pooch! Here at Practical Cycles, we specialise in helping people to do more while they are cycling, without ever making compromises on safety. We’ve provided various customers with dog-friendly bikes that allow cyclists to take their pets out with them when they are out on the road. Let’s take a look at some of the great reasons why you should Carry Your Dog On A Bike. Dogs are famously sociable animals who don’t like being left alone for long periods of time. Taking your dog out for a ride into the hills or to the park can be a fantastic adventure for not only yourself, but also your furry friend. We recommend that you begin with small trips while you and your dog are both getting used to travelling in this manner, before building up to something more adventurous.

Nihola Dog Trike Do You Need A School Run Bike? Posted By: sinuse Help is at hand if you’re interested in obtaining a school run bike. Transporting your children to school in this manner can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and introduce your kids to the concept of cycling to get around. A growing number of parents are investing in school run bikes in order to avoid the stress, cost and inconvenience of car transport in the morning. School run bikes from the right manufacturers and suppliers are much safer than you might think. More and more parents and children are beginning to realise that travelling by bike is often the best way to negotiate the school run. Are you getting enough exercise? If not, taking your child to school via cargo bike could be an ideal move. Head to your child’s school via bike and your little ones will be able to experience the joy of cycling, too. Whether you lack a car for any reason or simply don’t wish to depend on one at rush hour, using a bike can take so much stress and hassle out of your daily commute.

school run bike Safe Cycling With Children – It’s Possible With Practical Cycles! Posted By: sinuse As wonderful as children are, becoming a mother or father does have certain drawbacks. For one thing, you’ve got no choice but to wave goodbye to your former carefree single life – those all-night benders, the expenditure of way too much of your hard-earned on designer-label clothing, being able to hop on a bike to work… no, wait. That last one isn’t quite right. What about our own fantastically child-friendly bikes and accessories here at Practical Cycles? The happy truth is that you don’t need to bid a sad farewell to your previous cheap transportation. Safe cycling with children is possible when you invest in a suitable bike or trike like our very own Babboe Curve Trike. This particular trike is certainly a striking little number, thanks to its moulded beech wood panels. However, it also boasts an impressive specification encompassing front and rear roller brakes, a sealed chaincase and Shimano Nexus gears. Most importantly of all, though, the Babboe Curve Trike also seats as many as four children in comfort – while still costing only a tiny fraction of what a brand new family car would set you back!

Safe cycling with children Give Yourself More ‘pedal Power’ With Our Electric Assist Bike Kits Posted By: sinuse Why should you solely accept the old-fashioned way of powering your bicycle – the sweaty, grunty exertions of your own feet on the pedals – when there’s the option of a well-placed electric boost? We are, of course, referring to our electric assist bike kits that are yet more sound reasons to shop for all things bicycle-related from ourselves here at Practical Cycles. As with all of our other ranges, electric assist bike kits from Practical Cycles certainly come in many different shapes, sizes and price points. Given how much we value the most refined and efficient bicycle electric drive systems, however, it should be no surprise just how prominent BionX’s offerings are in our range. You might turn to Practical Cycles for the BionX Battery – DL, a spare battery that combines downtube frame fitting, Li-Ion cells and a range of approximately 80 kilometres. Or what about this brand’s impressive range of such electric assist kits as the SL250 DL, DX, RL and RX? These complete in-demand electric assist bike kits encompass such components as a hub motor, fitting kit, display and rack mount battery.

electric assist bike kits Fit Everyone In With One Of Our Nihola Family Trikes! Posted By: sinuse In today’s world in which the running costs of a car continue to spiral and parents are considering new ways in which to efficiently transport their children from A to B, it’s no surprise that so many more people are turning to family-sized trikes like those of the Nihola brand. Sure enough, here at Practical Cycles, we offer not only two seat, but also four seat and six seat variants of this popular model, along with the associated accessories. You would surely expect nothing less of such a complete online bike shop as Practical Cycles! Nihola’s trikes answer to so many of the needs that one could have from a family trike, partly because the company has been making them since its foundation. Indeed, Nihola’s story begins in 1998, when mechanical engineer Niels Holme Larsen visited a bike exhibition in Copenhagen. The next day, he read a critic’s comment in the Danish newspaper, Politiken, that bicycles would need to be able to simultaneously transport two children and groceries to compete with cars. This spurred Larsen into building his own such bicycle, with the Nihola brand being known for its high quality family trikes ever since.

online bike shop Son Dynamo Hubs Are Both Long-lasting And High-performing Posted By: sinuse Electrical bicycle gear has come a long way since the introduction of the first Sturmey-Archer Dynohub in the 1930s. That hub dynamo largely pioneered today’s market for such equipment, generating electrical power for bicycles during the Second World War. Today, there are few more renowned names in this field than the German manufacturer Schmidt Original Nabendynamo, otherwise known as SON. Founded by Wilfried Schmidt in 1995, the company rapidly became one of the unquestioned leaders in the modern dynamo market. Here at Practical Cycles, we are proud to offer an extremely comprehensive selection of the renowned Son Dynamo Hubs, including such variants as the 28, 28 Klassic and Delux. You can depend on us for the complete range of rim and spoke options relating to these long-lasting and high-performing hubs, as well as for extras like rim tape. It all means that whether you desire the SON 28 Klassic Rim Brake 26"-700c, a 29" SON 28 Rim Brake 32h Black, a 16" Delux Centerlock Disc or a completely different model of SON dynamo hub, there really is no need to look to any other store.
Son Dynamo Hubs A Short Introduction To The Amazing Rohloff Speed Hub Posted By: sinuse We’re big fans of the Rohloff Speed Hub here at Practical Cycles, for many different reasons. There’s certainly no reason to doubt the reputation of Rohloff and its incredible hub – the former, hailing from Fuldatal near Kassel in Germany, has been around since the late 1980s, and has since gained renown for its high-performing and durable hub gears and bicycle chains. As for the Speed Hub, this has been in production since 1998 and has quite a back-story of its own. The history of the Rohloff Speed Hub can be traced back to the 1994 Tour de France, which the Rohloffs were attending while bicycling on a French beach. When their bikes got stuck in the sand, their primitive derailleur gear systems failing to work, Bernhard Rohloff decided to develop a new internally geared hub. Fast-forward to the 1996 IFMA in Cologne, and a 14-speed, 1700 gram gear hub was announced.
Rohloff Speed Hub We Can’t Be Beaten For Top Quality Custom Wheel Builds Posted By: sinuse If you’ve read many of our previous blog entries, you’ll know that we aim a lot of our content at the kind of person who has never ridden a cargo bike before. We therefore frequently talk in terms of the practical benefits of such bikes, and have already introduced our readers to some fine cargo bikes among the many in our range. But what if you’re a more seasoned cargo bike owner? In that case, you may wish to know more about our Custom Wheel Builds. Our custom wheel builds are the perfect purchase for someone who may already own one or two cargo bikes and is on the lookout for an exact type, manufacturer and/or size of wheel. Perhaps the wheels on your existing cargo bike have sustained damage, you’re assembling a whole new cargo bike and desire a certain specification of wheel, or you just fancy a change – whatever the situation, our custom wheel builds will do you nicely. The custom wheel builds that we stock are especially suitable for those who are confident in assembling cargo bikes from kit form.

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