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Purple Caitai half a month in advance listing price high taste chewy than cold season, purple Caitai is one of the most popular vegetables Jiang city people love. Reporter visited found, just into the second half of October, there are purple Caitai hurriedly listed, compared to a normal year more than half a month in advance, the high price of poor taste chewy. Yesterday morning, the reporters came to Hanyang in Hubei Province fresh market, there have been several vegetable stalls selling purple Caitai, prices ranging from 4.5 yuan to 6 yuan per catty. "This early flowering, but also quite attractive." Citizens Mr. Yu bought two purple Caitai said. The greengrocer Liu master off the last few Caitai to finishing, smiled and told reporters that the purple Caitai is seasonal vegetables, can enter in the wholesale market of goods is not much, every day can only get fifty kg, 10 in the morning to be sold out. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited 3 vegetable market in Hankou West Road, North Lake and other places, have been found in the purple Caitai sell, but the purchase amount is not large, the price of more than 5 yuan kg, buy a lot of people. Reporters from the Wuhan baisazhou agricultural largest market learned that this year flowering listed earlier than usual for half a month, but the market is small, a lot of expensive than the average price of vegetables. There are many farmers from the sale, difficult to guarantee the taste. Wuhan modern agricultural education center expert Peng Huoju told reporters, purple Caitai general launched in mid November. This year, just after the end of October there are new dishes into the market, it is too early to eat. "Purple Caitai is preserved, and good taste of the purple Caitai environment need larger temperature difference between day and night, can store a lot of sugar." Peng Huoju said that the current day and night temperature is generally high, suitable for bolt bolting, but the taste is not satisfactory. Wuhan City Vegetable Technology Promotion Station expert reminds, listed earlier flowering rhizome relatively fine taste, no winter flowering as crisp, more than frost bolt as sweet, more delicious have to wait until next month at the beginning of flowering. (reporter Cao Lei correspondent Zhou Xiaoping) Hunan University canteen launched a new dish "thin blue letinous edodes" to attract students attention: return the big Chu canteen official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: