Qionghai national day how to play Ho enjoy fair taste of the world punyu

Qionghai national day how to play? Enjoy the luxury "fair" taste the world Wanquan passion drift. Country cycling. Walking in the countryside of Qionghai. Meng Zhongde photo Qionghai city town. Juan photo taking tourists to write reasonable meals. National Day golden week has entered the countdown, too late to go abroad, out of the province is too tired to go to those hot spots is not seen the head. Is it so at home? Of course, we can not do this, the garden city of Qionghai early for you to arrange a big wave of children activities, as well as a big wave of children to eat, live, play concessions, let us go to Qionghai! The national day cool activities — run, Qionghai! Qionghai is a very historical and cultural heritage of the city, during the national day will be held in Qionghai, "zero threshold" of the run, Qionghai!" Large mass interactive activities. Activities will put 13 big style town and orienteering combined with acres of fields Longshoudan ocean park wide field and extensive road, originally directed only professional players to participate in cross-country into public participation in the project. With the understanding of Orienteering Orienteering initially originated in Sweden, was originally a military sports activities, use a map and compass to turn to visit each point indicated on the map, the shortest time to reach all bid for victory. The event is currently in 162 countries around the world thousands of cities have been carried out, once launched, it was a warm welcome. Outdoor oriented challenge is like adventure games, each player was allotted 1 Zhang directional line diagram and seal the task card. Qionghai launched the event of the six characteristics of the game line, each line of the game by the site of the 6 series. The players need to play the team cooperation ability, according to the received circuit diagram, in turn for some standard, fun task, mental and physical strength and creativity in comprehensive competition at the same time, the game with scheduled final ranking. The first to fight, you can run the whole; how happy, you can leisurely stroll; line map in hand, traveled Longshoudan ocean. Marathon is not everyone can run, orienteering everyone can participate! Thirteen sites in the style of the combination of Qionghai city with global beauty, "global 5A scenic area" to promote the city construction concept, the event name site to 13 style town, and the game with each small town culture creation level, as this event through site directed. While leisure, pastoral bazaar to keep in the course of the activity, in addition to immersed in the beautiful garden scenery and interesting sites in Qionghai, "the legend of Long Shou set up the venue" is not to be missed, to include the characteristics of Qionghai delicacy! Even the racing game, still can’t resist a chowhound heart! Do not hurry to find a team mate! Best bestie boyfriend girlfriend crush, seemingly except meow star and star Wang, the people of earth. Must be composed of 5 members of a team, the election of their own captain, the captain of the online registration. Recommend a cool fried day name, can also bring their own flag! The captain collects the identity card, contact information and so on.相关的主题文章: