Ranked three in the 2016264 phase of the forecast Hot mean continued – Sohu demonophobia

The 2016264 phase: arrangement forecast three hot – 16263 Sohu mean continued open arrangement of three lottery results for 110, three groups of morphology, size ratio of 0:3, parity ratio of 2:1, mass ratio of 2:1, and the value of 2, a span of 1. Arrangement of three phase 16264 BLUELOVER number: 100 experts recommend: 100 period award number 1, from the current layout, is expected to 100 number 264 in a period of oscillation. Ten Views: 1 ball on the fall in ten, from the analysis of lottery data of nearly 50, a new ten bit master number advantage. A number on the issue number 0, the number of past few long-term fixed pattern lottery, the 264 main road, 2 No. 1 numerical fall. 012 way analysis: the 263 phase of the 012 way out of the 1:2:0, from the recent trend of the analysis of the 012 Road, the main reference for the 2016264th phase 1, the number of hot road. Recommendation: 1 points out the mean mean in the period, the recent average 3-7 between the preference of ball, the next stage should consider the average rose slightly, the best point between 2-4.相关的主题文章: