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Recall: big flat Su min and   less biased – Culture – original title: big flat and less biased yesterday, Beijing people’s art theatre actor (left): Ding Zhicheng, Wang Gang, Wu Gang, Su min teacher sent in front of the theater lady Jia Ambrose left Memorial hall. Ding Zhicheng said to Jia Quan, "we are all the teachers who came to the theatre. Your old hard lang!" Yesterday, Su min memorial service will be held at the theater rehearsal hall, the lack of appearance of Zhu Xu, speaking teacher Mrs. Su min beside Jia Quan recalls Su min; outside the 74 year schoolmates, Beijing blue field, on behalf of Li Xuejian, 15 years after the Soviet people art director Tang Ye also successively speech expressed admiration and affection for the Su min teacher. Li Xuejian (Beijing outside representative) heard the news on TV: I came in and small are su min teacher younger, I was the younger generation of the arts representative outside the bar, I saw on TV Su min teacher’s death, thinking that father was low-key do not engage in the farewell ceremony, I just heard the Memorial will, be sure to attend. When I was small and in empty class students, the students brought us Su min. Today I have to speak at the meeting, I was with the eyes, ears, look at how to do filial filial piety as a junior, Su min teacher to do arts are very good. In my heart I Miss Su min’s son, also want to point out a decent work, not to live up to the old man, then can let him go more peacefully. Guo Qihong (Beijing famous screenwriter): a middle course respected sue and I worked with three people play, respectively is "Li Bai", "Sima Xiangru" and "God’s favored one", because the relations of cooperation, I often go to his home, he is the director and actor, drama educator, recitation is excellent, is a generalist. The most noteworthy is his people, he knows that a middle course of Confucianism, great peace and less biased, we two people know each other, often forget the age of friendship between generations. Zhu Xu (Beijing famous actor): do things especially careful to say that I have this ability, in the Beijing people’s art school, where I played a game called "harvest", before, I learned to stick with Su min beard, he is particularly careful, he put the wool torn especially good something special. Not long ago, Su min wrote a poem to me, my life has played in the play are summarized in the inside. I learned that he was gone, I thought a lot, I was very envious of him, and then went to sleep. If only I could learn that. Lan Tianye (Beijing famous actor): people who left the theater to sue sue and I worry about people’s 1942 students, with 74 years, so many years of friendship, I may not mind not sad. Today also so many theatre colleagues, I would like to ask the guys, there are people who worry about? To give advice and suggestions of the Beijing future? The young actor quality is very good, but how can they get close to the Beijing style inside? Who will do these things? I can’t do it, I’m behind the drama. I hope that the present leadership carry this responsibility! Tang Ye (Art Director): 15 years follow)相关的主题文章: