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Seven pressure hanging roof construction of the 2020 strategic transformation aimed at five direction hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest off 60 million seven pressure line 2020 hanging roof built strategic transformation aimed at five directions Zhang Manyou in recent years, in the economic downturn, spreads, financial disintermediation, interest rate market, enterprise effective credit demand, asset quality pressure and complex business environment, how to find the new direction of the transformation has become a commercial bank shall answer. In September 8th, the Construction Bank of China held in Beijing "CCB2020" transformation and development to promote the meeting, the chairman Wang Hongzhang also said that the current banking industry faces the pressure of seven aspects, accelerate the transformation of development, deepen financial reform has become inevitable. The next five years will be a strategic opportunity for the development of bank restructuring. The industry believes that, for different banks, the focus of its transformation is different, but from the current situation, the banking sector will focus on restructuring the balance sheet structure and channels in two areas. Non bank subsidiary net profit increased by 90% in the face of the economy, the new normal, in the interest rate market and the Internet to promote the financial tide forced, commercial banks to explore the path of transformation and upgrading of the more in-depth. In September 8th, Wang Hongzhang cited the current banking industry faces the seven aspects of the pressure in the promotion conference, the downward pressure on the economy, the adjustment of economic structure, financial disintermediation, the financial impact of the Internet, the interest rate market, regulatory upgrades, customer demand diversification pressure. "Every pressure is fatal to our bank." Wang Hongzhang believes that the bank to accelerate the transformation and development, deepening financial reform has become inevitable. In the development process of more than 60 years, the transformation has been the main theme. CCB President Wang Zuji said, the influence of CCB in rural markets than in the city as the Agricultural Bank of Chinese, ICBC, in the overseas influence is weaker than Chinese in banks, joint-stock bank is not flexible. In this context, CCB aware of the comprehensive, multi-functional, intensive is suitable for their own transformation ideas, and early start transformation. China Construction Bank in October 2014 to develop the "China Construction Bank Restructuring and development plan", the whole line to the development of the outline of 2020. "China business newspaper" reporter learned that the goal is to realize the transformation of bank capital adequacy, reasonable structure, management practices, effective control, perfect function, solid foundation and other elements, accelerate the construction of the most creative of the bank group. On this basis, the CCB has identified five major transformation direction, that is, comprehensive management, multi-functional services, intensive development, innovative banks, smart banks. Wang Hongzhang pointed out that this will continue to force in seven key areas of asset liability management by banks, the transition to the big asset liabilities of assets and liabilities, deposit and remittance services to the transformation from the integrated wholesale business, by the individual business to comprehensive retail retail business transformation, from the traditional to the electronic banking service a comprehensive electronic banking field turned on相关的主题文章: