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"Shadow city" and Chinese film – indissoluble bound news agency of the new network in Tangshan in September 22 "news agency Xinhua: shadow city" and Chinese film reporter Bai Yunshui Chinese indissoluble bound famous director Feng Xiaogang to Hebei Tangshan won warm applause, this is known as he once again into the city of heroes place after 6 years. 6 years ago, Feng Xiaogang in Tangshan to participate in the film "Tangshan earthquake," said the premiere of "China?" Get more than 10000 people chanted in!" Shock response. The twenty-fifth China Film Festival is being held in Tangshan, Feng Xiaogang and Li Xuejian, Huang Jianxin, Tian Hua, Wang Xiaotang, Ge You, Xu Qing, Huang Xiaoming, Li Yifeng, Chen Yao and other old Chinese filmmakers gathered here to witness the new brilliant movie China. Shadow play starting in the Ming dynasty. There are 440 years of history of Tangshan shadow, by the famous historian Zhou Yibai in the drama "a long series of" China drama history said "because cooked in the relationship of population, almost become the general movie name". People call Tangshan "shadow city", because in this city, there are numerous scattered in Folk Shadow artists, small children, to a white haired old man. Feng Xiaogang ridicule by the Tangshan dialect ‘in China’, the original intention of the line can not do". In the twenty-fifth Chinese Film Festival opening ceremony, "Tangshan and Chinese film" a book by China film press release. The book editor Wang Sunv said, the famous writer and screenwriter Eileen Chang is the rich people in Tangshan, her works "fallen" has influenced generations of Chinese, today, her strong vitality of the arts continues. In the opinion of the president, China Film Association famous performing artist Li Xuejian, has died of Tangshan artist Zhao Lirong is his most admired film. Li Xuejian, who is familiar with Tangshan, is an old friend of Tangshan. Once in Tangshan, filmed the "love of Tangshan" and "security" two works, "every time you come to Tangshan, are quietly, quietly." The famous Macao film Chen Luochao with the film "lighthouse lover" to participate in the festival of Hong Kong and macao. He said that Tangshan is a story of the mainland city, hope that people like love like love ruins Macao lake of Tangshan. China Film Association, the party secretary, vice chairman Zhang Hong has repeatedly come to Tangshan. He said, "Tangshan with the cinema, every time I come here to have a different feel." Today, some of the cultural relics have been favored by Chinese filmmakers after the Tangshan earthquake. Feng Xiaogang film "Tangshan earthquake" that many Chinese people know Tangshan; Chinese American writer Yan Geling wrote the film "return", the famous actor Chen Daoming and Gong Li in a Tangshan bearing in mind the memory of the place, the old Tangshan Railway Station interpretation of a compassionate love story; the famous film Jiang Wen film "Devils", select the famous scenic spots in Tangshan the Great Wall to shoot underwater during the Anti Japanese War story. The local dialect has become a major highlight of the creation of film and television, a batch of Tangshan said "old Tan Er" from Tangshan television was also known to the audience in the cinema: Chinese to modern movies from the early Pingju opera Eileen Chang)相关的主题文章: