Sherry’s upcoming Hangzhou concert Utopia World Tour set sail

Sherry’s upcoming Hangzhou concert "Utopia" World Tour Sherry Sherry will sail world tour Tencent entertainment news on November 19th, Sherry held in Hangzhou Huanglong Stadium "Utopia" World Tour City Concert preparing in advance. The Hangzhou Railway Station will serve as a "Utopia" patrol the city stadium concert version of the ending, there will be fans last scene feel Mei’s "million people chorus" and "outdoor stadium level" concert level of opportunity. Since the beginning of 15 years, the "Utopia" concert series has gone through Taipei, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Shenzhen and other places. The atmosphere of the concert was very hot and the audience were impressed. In order to prepare for "Utopia" concert series, Mei specially invited famous international dance team, through the iterative design and modification, so as to show the memorable audio-visual effects for the fans; dance team also been picked and chose, all the actors are from big international choreography team, I hope the show almost perfect offer performance the audience. November 19th Hangzhou Railway Station concert will begin to enter the countdown state, there is no fans to buy tickets to seize the last time to enjoy the Sherry stadium stadium concert opportunity to participate in the ticket immediately.相关的主题文章: