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"Shooting" shatter cave village person in charge of the construction unit has "lost" editor: Recently, Yulin city Hengshan District high Zhen Dai Ge Lao Cun village to the newspaper: in July this year, the East geophysical Geophysical Company 283 teams in the village after continuous mountain blasting operation, causing cracks in villagers cave, it even the villagers home water dried up. However, the villagers are angry that the villagers property damage after the incident, geophysical team heads did not agree on compensation on the lost contact with the villagers, the villagers have also failed to discuss a satisfactory answer. September 3rd, the reporter interviewed on the situation of the villagers interviewed. In Dai Ge Lao Cun, crack at the home of the cave villagers Zhang Lejian told reporters, in the 3th day of the sixth month of the Chinese lunar calendar this year (July 6th), geophysical team without notice, began his home in the back of the slope in blasting drilling, vibration at home was very large, two pieces of glass kiln on the doors were broken the roof and walls, the kiln has several cracks, dust with guns constantly from the cracks in the drill. In the afternoon, he was in the yard of wells water, found the wall also collapsed by the earthquake, the water has been pumping up. According to the statistics, there are different degrees of the village 16 villagers home damaged, because the village wells dried up, the villagers only to the mountain creek Wali barely meet the daily use of water. After the incident, the eastern Geophysical Company 283 teams of the United States and the United States to the staff of the family to see and register the loss of the situation, and on the issue of compensation, the two sides did not differ. Zhang Lejian to his house for example told reporters, when the geophysical team only offered him 2500 yuan for home repairs, but his home is often severely damaged cave, under the rain outside, inside a drizzle, the more he worried that these cracks through the top of the cave, the cave will not affect the safety of the they the poor village family’s eyes, but it involves one family event! To this end, they repeatedly consult with the geophysical team, still failed to reach an agreement, then the other side simply do not ask, and now even people can not find. In order to further understand the situation, the reporter to call the East Geophysical Company 283 geophysical team responsible person surnamed Zhang villagers left the phone number attribution, two are Gansu Qingyang, lady answered the phone said reporters wrong, quickly hung up the phone. Today, the problem of damage to the interests of the villagers has not been resolved, seeing the local temperature has dropped below zero, but the villagers are still worried about accommodation and draft problems. Reporter Cheng Gang ‘bright paper map相关的主题文章: