Should be within one hour to the hospital for treatment borderland

Should an hour to go to hospital for treatment – experts say should be within one hour to the hospital deputy director of the Department of Dermatology of Southwest Hospital professor Yin Rui said that the face has 3 regional blood vessels is very rich, one is the brow, two temples, three people often say "triangle", the 3 regional blood vessels the same, if the filler is injected directly into the injection pressure is too large or too fast to fill into the blood circulation, while the viscous filler may be formed thrombus in the blood, central retinal artery occlusion. Yin Rui said that the central retinal artery occlusion occurred once, with a few minutes to lose light. So, if the patient has this kind of situation, should as soon as possible to a maximum of not more than 1 hours to go to the hospital for regular dilation of blood vessels and other emergency medical treatment, otherwise the possibility will be very little eyes fuming. The injection of hyaluronic acid should be to the regular hospital, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar." Yin Rui said that similar incidents have occurred in many parts of the country, many people figure cheap, looking for non regular staff for injection, but did not consider the consequences. Remind note – injection of hyaluronic acid and deputy director of the Department of Dermatology of Southwest Hospital professor Yin Rui said, before and after the injection of hyaluronic acid several precautions: before treatment, should keep the skin clean, any cosmetics and skin care products are needed to clean. Patients should be advised not to take anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, at least 3 to 4 days before treatment, because of the potential for increased bleeding and swelling at the injection site. After injection treatment, should keep the face relaxed, do not do too much facial expression. If the change in the color of the injection site after the injection, immediately to the hospital. Because of this situation may be due to a result of vascular embolization into hyaluronic acid, should be immediately to the hospital to check, otherwise it may lead to the same as the United States, organ necrosis. In the treatment of at least two weeks, should avoid contact with high temperature environment (such as sauna, etc.), because it may lead to facial injection of hyaluronic acid is quickly broken down, thereby reducing the filling effect. Do not touch or massage the injection site. At the same time, Professor Yin remind, pregnant or lactating women should not injection of hyaluronic acid.相关的主题文章: