Skyrocketing housing prices in Ji’nan to promote the family just need to the west do not bargain dir minmi

Skyrocketing housing prices in Ji’nan to promote "just to be family to the West no bargaining direct transaction has been built in the West Metro newspaper Yuen, Jinke City, green central square and other communities, there are a number of projects under development and construction. Reporter Wang Feng photo on the evening of 8, Liu Changxuan people three or four months of heart finally fall, that night, a property located near his shadowless hill, hanging for four or five months in the intermediary, finally signed the contract for the sale of housing, a premium of 40 thousand yuan shot. On the one hand, he is very happy, can sell 1629 repaid their improvement of housing mortgage in the East; on the other hand, he also lost some of the eastern part of Ji’nan, the "irrational" prices skyrocketing, prompting buyers eyes to the west, basically no bargaining contract has been signed, this is not just the price means to start, they sell cheap? Note 1: buy real estate without eizan 94 square meters of housing in 2009 double 420 thousand to buy, in 2014 rose to 740 thousand, basically did not rise at the end of 2008, just graduated from the University of one and a half years Liu Chang started to buy a house, then a good opportunity, the global outbreak of the financial crisis, China encouraged to buy a house. At that time, the policy, but also preferential than now, down payment can be 20%, most of the tax can be reduced, bank loans can even play thirty percent off." Liu Chang said, he began a room, but also the spirit of the traditional concept of "East Jinan, live live live live in South West, north". However, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, Liu Chang in the hands of the first payment, not enough to support him in the eastern and southern house, finally selected in the shadowless hill near buy. "Now, when the eastern price is not expensive, Lixia District, Lishan road along the second-hand housing, the average price of 6000 yuan, 4500 yuan near the mountain forever." Liu Chang said, but no way, a penny stumped hero han. Finally, Liu Chang bought in early 2009, shadowless hill near the set of 94 square meters of double rooms, the total price of 420 thousand yuan. "On the feeling that this suite to buy the right." Liu Chang said that at the time of a variety of favorable policies to stimulate the national property market for the better, second years, his real estate soared to more than 60 yuan, soared to more than $third in ten thousand yuan. Later, a variety of restrictions, such as the introduction of the restriction of credit policy, Liu Chang this property has not been further price increases. "In 2014, the same unit neighbor 4 floor to buy a house, the same size, the same area, the total limit of 740 thousand yuan." Liu Chang said, in May this year, he went to his house intermediary consulting, how much money can be sold, the answer is 750 thousand yuan, "with this two or three years, basically no price increases". Real estate: 2 mu school district housing 10 thousand square meters in 2013 to buy, now 19 thousand yuan in 2013, the daughter of Liu Chang at the age of three, for the daughter to go to school to plan to buy the school district room. My own efforts, coupled with the strong support of both parents, the first payment of about 300000 yuan is to gather together." After several showings, plus the purchase, credit limit and other policy restrictions, need a 60% down payment, Liu Chang finally bought a house in the park along the street, two rooms one hall, south wing, a total limit of 550 thousand yuan, about 10 thousand yuan per square meter, is falling.相关的主题文章: