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Smart woman must guard against these five types of men! Source: teach you see a man’s heart, nothing gallant, to tell the truth, beauty, especially the beauty college is very easy to be moved by some of the surface of things, because of their experience and their confidence is just a pair of sharp contradictions, but there are a lot of experience little confidence so as not to discuss. There used to be a girl in college who was interested in one of the students in our department, just because it was always used as a job. The girl said she was very nice and warm-hearted. But they are only for your enthusiasm for a particular purpose, if you do not have this way, he is able to interest you? Indeed, the girl cheated on the bed after the "student leaders" of the legislative code enthusiasm plummeted. So, advise some simple girls, while boys give you attentive or actively show what when you first think about why he did so? Happiness, comfort two, Haoshua mouth, to prevent! A woman’s ears soft, this is a never irreversible weakness. But for beauty, this weakness does not know how many times to be weak. So do not say, you look at the boy who looks ugly in appearance, always with a beautiful girl, what that is, it is because the boys too will say, be fooled. Because the beauty of self-confidence, so no matter what the compliment and the set of magnetic, they will readily accept. I have such a friend, really was called the one but this man is ugly in appearance, that are fun, is the kind of all things to all men. During the university has played a number of women, now working in a government unit, climb the speed that is an amazing ah. But his wife will never be happy, because he is still continuing his career". Three, Seo Eunkomegumi, anti! There is a saying called some of the extreme is good, One can be austere without selfish desires, but for some simple girls, but significant. Can not say that there is no desire will be happy, but those who have been deceived by the woman, because the desire is too strong, and the ability to control their own desire. Talk about a true story. Is also the story around, we have a girl during the University, to tell the truth, the mind is very simple, but the material desire is very strong. This woman is not to lie to you and say what the woman next to cheat, there was a Nothing is right. buddy is because in the student union is a small cadre, some school leaders all day to get very close to the girl, he said he could boast and brag about their school, family background. The girl then agreed to his request for gospel truth. However, senior, the male headed back to the city of the county itself, in a small company "scary achievements of his cause". Life needs reality one point four, not to believe the outline of the future! In love, people should not be too realistic, but not a bit unrealistic, after all, people still live in reality, too divorced from reality, blindly rely on the vision of life, it is not happy to live. Female beauty相关的主题文章: