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Computers-and-Technology SMS or Texting is the fastest and easiest way of sending a message. It is the most versatile and impact application to provide solutions everywhere at any time. SMS may be defined as Short Messaging Services to work with digital technology called GSM (global system for mobile communication). It was first invented by the Norwegian engineers during the late 1980s. SMS messaging is most popular in United States, Europe, and Asia. It has a feature that lets you send and receive messages via mobile phone or cell phone. The text messages in your cell phone can be up to 160 characters long. It is a new way of communication submission in just a second. What are the advantages of SMS messaging or texting? SMS messaging is an accurate system that consumes less time than a phone conversation or sending an email. The message in your cell phone is automatically stored and can be re-read unless deleted by the cell phone user. This method proves the usefulness of detailed information. The sequence of the message might not be forgotten. Texting is unique and personal. It is the ideal form of conversation when you dont want to be overheard by someone. Privately, it is more possible to be read by a person at any time and any day. SMS messaging is the ultimate standing SPAM frees unlike email. It is the ideal communication channel to cut clutters. For businesses and marketing, it has a wide feature of one-on-one manner to target certain customer world wide. Using your mobile phone, you dont have to run out of the place where you are to simply answer the call. Thus, this technology enables you to know when the SMS has arrived. It ensures you to get connected in minimal interruption. SMS or texting is much cheaper than handling a phone call. It entails smaller phone bills. You can also convey much information in too little a cost. SMS messaging allows the property that doesnt require you to be at your computer such as email and Instant Messaging (IM). What are the Subscription Services of SMS Messaging? Medication reminders sent to your phones inbox Weather alerts News headlines Driving direction Movie Show times Local business listing Chat friends Market business Reliable to emergency How the SMS flow its store and forward services? The SMS message you send to your friend will not go directly on their cell phones. The message is stored in SMSC for a number of times until your friend turn his cell phone range on. At this point the message is delivered promptly on specified contact list. The messages cannot be deleted unless executed by the receiver. How SMS or Texting creates convenience to business and marketing? SMS is a so called person to person messaging. The service of Broadcasting can be applied to send a message into much larger number of people at a time from a list of contacts. It is frequently employed by large companies to distribute news and other relevant information to subscribers. Business communication is as easy as breathing with SMS. All tasks are done perfectly through instruction made by sending messages to subordinates. Clients are well informed. How SMS or Texting broaden the communication of person with disability? SMS is an efficient way and the most reliable technology for deaf or hearing impaired person to communicate precisely. It has the ability of reviewing first a certain message before sending. Also, Invitational messages such as parties, birthdays, and events are sent via texting and be received at once. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: