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South Korea Movie Masterpiece frequent actually have "routine" – Sohu Culture Channel [] Han Ying observation two months ago, two South Korean films make people sit up and take notice, one is the "Busan line", another is "tunnel". The two Korean films in the harvest of all kinds of praise, but also opened a topic in recent years has been repeatedly discussed, that is, the Korean film so great, is not already ahead of us? I have graduated from Hollywood, and we are still on the tomb and treasure? The channel to enter our field of vision will not be too bad a very direct answer is: because it has received extensive attention in our country, which caused you to go through various channels to watch the Korean movie, they belong to a part of the higher quality. This is the result of the presentation, but the presentation of the process and channels also have an important impact on the results. Why do we always like to talk about Korean movies today instead of talking about Indonesia, Vietnam or Burma? On the one hand, you won’t see it, on the other hand, you can hardly see it. Because they are the so-called "non mainstream", because when people watch television works will have a sense of substitution, and because the South Koreans have similar appearance and cultural environment and we will decrease the sense of distance in a substitution when. The Internet is indeed a good thing, big data era of the Internet is easy to capture and keen to spread the relative production of sophisticated Korean movies, some of the positive impression was built on this. Korean films are generally good for it? Nature is not possible, just be present in our line of sight is often not too bad. Hard to be written one depends on the index of Korean film economic base now as early American and Japanese movies, gradually in people’s sight to the mainstream film piece. This is the same as the cultural industry, which includes TV shows and variety shows, because of the high degree of freedom and prosperity of the market. The early history of the world is generally considered to be the history of the film related books, basically no piece of South korea. Korean film started very late? It’s not just because it didn’t reach the mainstream in the past, but the American people wrote the film history and didn’t play it at all. The study of Korean films, almost all from the twenty-first Century, and always like to accompany the rise of the two words in the title. At the end of twentieth Century and the beginning of the twenty-first Century, it is the most important year in the history of Korean film. Today, we can more and more feel that the Korean film looks good, and the background of the times, a series of specific events and the subsequent government initiatives, are inextricably linked. 1997 was the outbreak of the famous Asian financial crisis, but because of the Kim Dae-jung administration took a series of pragmatic measures, the Korean economy is not only a rapid recovery, the development of a new situation. It can be said that "the Han River miracle" is directly linked to the prosperity of a country’s film industry. From 1998 to 2003 South Korean President Kim Dae-jung put the film policy as a powerful means of his presidential campaign, he was in the clear "film quota system will continue to the South Korean film in the national film)相关的主题文章: