Sun Hao, a graduate student in Fujian, was awarded the gold medal by on both sides of the Taiw

Fujian province graduate Sun Hao won the gold medal on both sides presided over the new television   love media industry – Fujian Channel – November 26 Fuzhou Xinhua (Yu Shanfang) "circle of friends should shield parents", "3S lady is wrong of men or women", "college students should have their own businesses, these are the year 2016 is the eighth cross strait TV presided over the new contest finals kicked off in Fuzhou’s debate. The feast of young people across the Taiwan Strait to participate in the 25 finals kicked off in Fuzhou. The event sponsored by the China Television Artists Association, Fujian Province Federation of experts, CCTV host Hai Xia, Zhang Zequn and Taiwan famous host Zhao Zhengping, from both sides of the composition of the jury. Since the start of the competition, both sides of the primaries, has 22 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) and Taiwan area of more than thirty thousand athletes competed enthusiastically the final 110 players for the semi-finals and finals of talent shows itself. The contest eventually decide the 16 bronze medal winner, 9 silver medalist and 5 gold medal winners. The contest from the 5 gold medal winner in the selection of Almighty Nova award as the biggest winner of this contest, the award by the Fujian Sun Hao. In the second part of the entrants, Sun Hao score is the last one. He had 91 points, and this time the highest score of Lin Weicheng, in the seemingly small gap between the 3.6, in fact, a difference of 12 players in the 94.6. The second part after him like a dark horse over all the soldiers from the last one to second. The third part, Sun Hao with the music beat speech "if I was the champion", Sun Hao. He looks like a real champion with his speech, vivid speech let him at the moment five judges teacher talent shows itself, has been well received. After the game, a reporter asked whether Sun Hao will host in the industry, he said that he was still a graduate student the second grade, he will continue to study, hope to have the opportunity to engage in this he is love the media industry. Share to: (commissioning editor: Yao Luying, Zhang Zijian)相关的主题文章: