Suqian Discipline Inspection Commission criticized illegal banquets and public funds onavo protect

Suqian Discipline Inspection Commission criticized illegal public funds banquets and illegal banquets and criticized the Suqian Commission for Discipline Inspection of public funds by 13, the Suqian Municipal Commission for discipline inspection conducted a briefing on the special inspection found problems in a variety of illegal banquets and issue public funds by the criticism. From late July to early August, Suqian City Commission for Discipline Inspection Organization of the city’s illegal banquets and public funds to conduct a special inspection. The supervision of the inspection a total of 30 township (town), 37 municipal and county (District) units canteens, checks 22 township (town), 14 units directly under the financial accounts. Most of the units to conscientiously implement the spirit of the eight Central provisions, strict implementation of the relevant provisions of the strict control of the official reception, reception expenses, reception costs decreased, directly under the units this year from 1 to June official hospitality fell 21.6%. At the same time, there are still a few units and cadres of discipline rules consciousness, luck, discipline violations. Such as the Suqian Municipal Housing Construction Bureau received a higher level to 6 people, accompanied by a meal of 20 people, a reception to the higher level of the people of the people, accompanied by a meal at noon, 10 people, at night to accompany the meal of 15 people in the evening, a total of 8 people. Another department directly under the first half of this year, the official reception total annual budget, an increase of more than 559% over the same period. Some township annual hospitality spending over one million yuan, and even some of the basic units in the official reception regulations provide pheasant, wild duck. (Xu Mingze)相关的主题文章: