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Taiwan Jiangxi 6 men posing as "customers" for 2 months, nearly a million NT fraud Justice Network Zhangzhou on 8 November, (correspondent Huang Yuyun Kennedy really) six Jiangxi man went to Fujian city of Zhangzhou Province, the establishment of "Taiwan housing crime point posing as customers, the swindlers Taiwan male users, just less than half an year to fraud nearly one million NT (equivalent to nearly Ershiwanyu yuan). Yang Mouqin, Lai a Bao, Luo, Yang Mouqing, Yang, and then (30 years of age and below the staff) on suspicion of fraud has been a criminal case of criminal police and coercive measures taken on. In view of the case is more complex, involving a wide, in November 7, 2016, Fujian province Zhangzhou City Xiangcheng District procuratorate to send interventional guide evidence. At the beginning of 2016, Yang Mouqing, Yang Mouqin, Luo home in Jiangxi that the "customers" (i.e.: girls get money on "support" and promised to date men, and even provide transactions, for women’s active clients, "date" or "active trick prostitute") the concept of word intentions, then for posing as "customers" fraud interest, decided to pose as "customers" as a bait, and then through the Internet fraud on the Taiwan men, and will take place in the urban area of Zhangzhou. In April 10th this year, Yang Mouqing, Yang Mouqin, Luo went from Jiangxi to Zhangzhou City Xiangcheng District, and jointly funded Yonghong International District in Zhangzhou City rented a house, and connected to the Internet, with more than one computer to start internet fraud, the criminal gangs, to increase the amount of fraud involves and. They were recruited in Zhangzhou city with Jiangxi Ji Yang, Yang Moukun, Lai Moubao three people joined the fraud. When committing the crime, they chat through a variety of software, including voice chat, chat software such as "LINE", then the account registration, chat icons using the elegant "beauty" icon. They pretended to be Taiwan’s students, that the living and learning need financial support, and that can return and make friends, also said their location in the vicinity of deceived man, at any time can come to the nearest service is two hours, the price of NT $3000. Once someone fooled, the suspects will first ask for payment, let them buy online called a "game" card, this card has two categories of consumption and shopping function, and then let the other into the fraudster nt to the card, then let the other people to fraud will be purchased "McCarthy" the account number and password. Then, the fraud will be "McCarthy" through the Internet to the recycling of specialized personnel, and then converted into Renminbi to NT fraud Alipay account. When the money after the fraudster and pretended to be girls, did not dare to meet the past, ask again to pay deposit fraud, if they had each other finally rumbled, victims from the chat platform "pull the black". Only more than two months, the gang will be nearly a million fraud. In June 8, 2016, according to the report, the Zhangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Xiangcheng branch after careful investigation, the six suspects arrested in one fell swoop in the rent. Although the scene seized a record book and bank cards, you can.相关的主题文章: