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.munications Due to tele. revolution, the tele. sector offers many different ways to receive low cost long distance calling. Between mobile phones, prepaid calling cards, VoIP phones, dial around long distance and regular switched long distance, identifying which service is right for you can be difficult. Matching the right service to your needs will provide you with the most economic and efficient solution. Mobile phones are widely used all over the world. Advantages of mobile phones are their mobility and ease of use anywhere. However, making an international call from your mobile phone can be costly. Connection quality on a mobile phone is dependent upon the service quality you receive. Prepaid mobile phones are be.ing more used throughout the world as it ensures never exceeding your budget. While postpaid connections are ideal for people who dont want to be bothered about having to recharge their phone. Rates per minute are cheaper on a postpaid phone than on a prepaid. Prepaid calling card offers a low cost solution to making long distance phone calls. With the help of calling cards, calls can be placed from almost any phone, including, land lines, mobile phones, pay phones, VoIP phones, etc. Generally, calling cards receive the lowest calling rates in the market. However, using a calling card involves a tedious dialling process; dialling an access number, then a PIN, and finally the destination number. Many calling cards have fees, such as maintenance fees, connection fees, etc. In addition, minutes on calling cards have an expiration date. Prepaid calling cards are ideal for, people who rarely need to make international phone calls. VoIP phone uses a way to route telephone calls through the Inter.. Advanced features allow you to receive calls anywhere worldwide. Portability is their biggest advantage and they work identical to land line phones, providing the same connection quality and reliability. Generally, international rates on VoIP phones are extremely low and are ideal for people who frequently make long distance calls. Dial-around services are usually recognized by 1010 phone numbers. Most dial-around services are prepaid. Prepaid dial-around long distance services asks for an access number to access account. Prepaid dial-around services generally have lower domestic and international long distance rates than long distance carriers. However, they tend to have higher rates than calling cards as a result of the features offered with the service. Dial around services have no connection fees, maintenance fees or expiration dates. Connection quality for dial around services is generally higher then a calling card. Features such as PIN-less dialling will make your connection process fast and easy. Switched long distance is the simplest way to make a call and the calls are connected with the highest priority and connection quality. Customers do not need an access number to make phone calls as in the case of a calling card. Generally switched long distance is a post pay service, however there are carriers that allow you to prepay. Switched long distance is ideal for people frequently making domestic or international calls. Rates per minute are generally a little higher then a calling card, however a better quality connection is supplied with a quicker dialling process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: