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Taylor was traced to break up with Senti do not want to love too open magazine broke the news screenshot Phoenix Entertainment News according to the "US WEEKLY" broke the kiss and tell, Taylor · Swift and Tom broke up! The photo of the shaking and musty dating dating is reported, the reason for the two broke up is the hope that the company can be a high-profile release of the affair, with mycophenolate to participate in Emmy Awards ceremony. The mildew refused, saying that private life is a private life, do not want to make their two people’s personal relationships so openly, and finally proposed to break up mold. Prior to June 14th, James Taylor and love the exposure, when asked if this is not a show, Tom had clearly said: "the fact that Taylor and I are together, we are very happy. Thank you for asking. It’s not a publicity stunt." Although not to be optimistic about the outside world, but two people but once progress, to meet the parents of marriage. But not long after, the feelings of the two have been passed on the cracks. In fact, before the insiders broke the news to the media: "for a long time can not see each other, it also allows them to feel bad, in the first half of August, two people had a big quarrel." But this argument is not because of the feelings of the two problems, "they have too many things to busy, so it is hard to find time to do." The source said: "because we can not meet, that they are very anxious." Taylor in the nightclub had also photographed Taylor and supermodel friend Carly Klaus (Karlie Kloss) go to the nightclub, she also immersed in the longevity of Mike Hess (Mike Hess) face kiss.相关的主题文章: