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Textile living fossil! The ancient Shu Brocade "hero" repair (Figure) – Dingqiao loom repair Dingqiao loom Beijing Liu advanced repair on the silk brocade as ancient Shu made "big hero, Dingqiao loom has been as a" legend "in the literature, 70s until the last century, Shu Brocade expert they found the real in huayang. The ancient Shu Jin Dingqiao loom heritage in nearly a year to complete the repair in the loom, and forged a copy of Han Jin in August 25th this year. At present, Tianfu Street Huayang has begun to guide and help the loom heritage inscription. It is called "inch of gold brocade, in ancient times, according to the" Huayang county "and other literature, during the time of the Three Kingdoms, Zhu Geliang had the military strength as the development of Shu Brocade brocade in backing, manufacturing, Dingqiao loom undeniable. As a kind of loom, Dingqiao loom has been as a "legend" in the literature, 70s until the last century, it was found the real experts in huayang. From the beginning of last year, the ancient Shu Jin Dingqiao loom heritage Huayang attempt to repair and improve the loom, complete the repair for nearly a year, and after a period of Han Jin replication in August 25th this year, let this ancient craft reproduce. At present, Tianfu Huayang street has begun to guide and help the loom heritage inscription. To weave the Han Dynasty "by Jin Shu" among the four famous brocades in China by the first process in the song and Yuan Dynasties brocade, Suzhou, Nanjing and Guangxi brocade brocade brocade, it 1000 years earlier. It is popular in the Warring States period flourished in the Han and Tang Dynasties, is named for its occurrence in Sichuan, "sixty days into a horse, Horse million money value". Brocade expert Wang Junping introduction, although a lot of brocade preserved, but the production of these treasures textile tools not necessarily retained. The color of the Han and Tang Dynasties is the process of using all mechanized step loom manufactured, "there are a lot of records, but did not know what is real." Wang Junping told the Chengdu Daily reporter, in the Han Tombs along the Silk Road, has unearthed a large number of "Jing Jin", archaeological experts identified these relics of origin in Sichuan area. "Jin" only with a variety of warp weft color, color, pattern by warp weave. This brocade is the same pattern of the same color, forming a straight line. In the Xinjiang Museum of a Han Dynasty "Jin" recovery, Wang Junping was using the loom can not achieve the restoration, however, recently Dingqiao loom has already completed the Huayang repair the "Jin" 1/10. The accidental discovery of textile "living fossil" Wang Junping introduced in June 1976, and his research group in the study by Han Shu Jin, Han Jin by the accidental discovery of similar fabric from a farmer’s girdle, "I only know that this is a spread in Huayang loom." Wang Junping said, the name "Dingqiao loom" because the pedal loom is covered with bamboo nails, common in the countryside of Sichuan river across the river pier. Dingqiao loom, heald frame is an important component, is composed of upper and lower beam and side gear connected with cayyying rod and a driver framework, there are two fully loom can be woven plain, three can be fully prepared相关的主题文章: