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Medicine When we think of supplements, most of us think of pills, tablets, or capsules. However, many supplements come in liquid form and are just as, if not more so, beneficial for a healthy body. Liquid supplements tend to be more potent than most pill forms, therefore providing better quality of nutrients. Pills are more familiar but pills have a propensity to be rather big and the thought of swallowing them can be a little scary. Some people are not good at swallowing pills and as we get older sometimes our swallowing mechanism does not work as well. Liquid options are valuable in these situations. There is also the issue of digestion. Pills do not digest as well as liquid does. Since they do not digest well, then the absorption aspect is low as well, meaning that the nutrients are not getting into the body as readily as needed. With liquid supplements the digestion issue is not important because the liquid comes ready to absorb. Liquid supplements also provide a quick way for the person on the go to get the nutrients they need without having to make a full course meal. While eating a well balanced meal is ideal, in the age of technology where everything is quick, quick, quick, being able to pick a can of Ensure, Boost or other liquid supplements is sometimes more convenient than having to chop veggies for a salad or fruit for a smoothie. Speaking of smoothies, liquid supplements can be added to one for that extra boost of nutrients for those who are aren’t very good about eating a balanced diet. Children are a good example. Many toddlers stop liking vegetables and some take this disliking all the way through adulthood. What a great way to give them the added nutrients they need and satisfy the tummy all at the same time. About the Author: Chris Bear, is an Independent Representative with Eniva Corporation, a leading nutritional wellness company. Visit her company provided website, today to learn more about Eniva’s flagship product Vibe, an all-in-one liquid supplement. Article Published On: – Medicine 相关的主题文章: