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The best-selling electric car, and the first international Sohu car Nissan launched a new promotional video content with the latest 30 Nissan kWh models traveled all over Europe each big famous scenic spots. In the video, Nissan tour in 6 European countries, including Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, France and Scotland, well-known attractions such as Italy Etna volcano and many long history of the city, and the Spanish and French Marseille and other scenic spots such as granada. Nissan electric car to achieve distance travel dream in the EU test standard NEDC, Nissan 30kWh, the latest is more than 155 miles (about 250 km) endurance, although only the test data, but also proved that the pure electric vehicles to the wind, absolutely can provide driving in daily commuting needs. In the charging network provisioning, Nissan in Europe with more than 2800 fast charging stations, charging network complete collocation to good endurance, realization of electric vehicle distance travel dream. Nissan in the video the cumulative total mileage of more than 400 miles (about 650 km), video meaning not only to give the audience a beautiful scenery, is to tell the audience Nissan has been ready for the coming of the era of pure electric vehicles. Charging network good endurance collocation complete, make to the wind to free shuttle in europe. Nissan is a new feeling for self driving tourism in low cost, zero emission, according to statistics, in Europe there are 54% people prefer to travel by car shuttle way in Europe, but also worried that the fuel cost leads to the high cost of travel. While Nissan every 62 miles (about 100 km) only 2.5 pounds (about 23 yuan) of the cost of charging. It is a good news for the European people who prefer to travel by car. In Europe, there are more than 2800 Nissan fast charging stations, so that the convenience of electric car driving travel greatly increased. The advantages of the Nissan be too numerous to enumerate good endurance, in addition to having affordable price and charging capacity, more 5 people, and the rise in the car space. Nissan launched since 2010 after repeated success, in 2011 won the annual world car title, also a global sales of more than 10 medals in 2014, and now sales of more than 228000 vehicles, became the best-selling electric car. Nissan director Gareth Dunsmore said the European Electric ministry Nissan propaganda video, symbolizes the Nissan for persistence and hard work of electric vehicles, the future will develop more innovative technology to strengthen the electric car into the modern family life. Nissan and more about the latest news, U-CAR will keep track of all the fans. Nissan Nissan said the owners who, in daily life, great convenience and economy.相关的主题文章: